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Guidelines For Treatment - Philips SC2001 User Manual

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Press the safety ring fully onto the skin with slight pressure.
Note: The safety ring has contact switches that together are the safety system
of the appliance. This safety ring prevents unintentional flashing without skin
, When all contact switches of the safety ring have been pushed
into the appliance, the 'ready to flash' light on the back of the
appliance goes on. This may take up to 5 seconds. When the 'ready to
flash' light is on, the appliance is ready to release a flash.
Tip: For easier use, stretch the skin you want to treat. On areas with softer skin,
you may need to exert more pressure on the appliance to push in all contact
Note: Bony areas like shinbone and ankles are more sensitive than other areas
of the body. When you press the window hard onto these areas, the skin can
be more susceptible to skin reaction like irritation and redness. See section
'Possible side effects and skin reactions' in this chapter. Press the window onto
the skin just hard enough to make the 'ready to flash' light go on, but no harder.
Press the flash button to release a flash. After the appliance has
flashed once, release the flash button.
Note: The visible light produced by the appliance is the reflection of the flash
on the skin and is harmless to your eyes. It is not necessary to wear goggles
during use.
Note: Avoid looking straight into the light that comes out of the window when
the appliance is switched on.
For the next flash, repeat steps 5, 6 and 7. After each flash it takes 3
to 5 seconds until the appliance is ready to flash again.
Never flash the same area twice without lifting the appliance off the skin.
This prevents excessive heating and possible burning of the skin.
To avoid untreated areas, always make sure there is some overlap
with the previously treated area when you place the appliance on the
skin.The effective light only comes out of the light exit window. Make
sure the flashes are produced close to each other.
Switch off the appliance after you have finished the treatment.
Check the removable window and filter glass for hairs and dirt and
clean the appliance after use. See chapter 'Cleaning and maintenance'.



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