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Introduction And Getting Started - Silvercrest USB TRAVELLER KIT User Manual And Service Information

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Introduction and Getting Started

Connecting USB Devices to the Computer
USB are the initials of "Universal Serial Bus". When you connect a USB device to your computer, it is
detected and configured automatically by the system. If your computer has several USB ports available,
you can use any of the ports. Some desktop computers may have USB ports to the rear for the more
long-term connections and further USB ports at the front for connections that change often.
It is not possible to confuse the ports. If a USB device is connected to another USB port, the operating
system will install the driver again if necessary and the device will be ready for use.
Plug the USB connector of the device into a USB port on your computer. You will immediately be
prompted by this message that appears on the lower-right of your screen:
Your computer has detected the USB device, automatically installed the driver and now shows the
following message:
The operating system confirms that the device has been correctly integrated into the system and is
ready for immediate use.
Please read the notes on the following pages concerning the individual products of the Notebook-
(Fig.: Example by means of the
USB mouse of the
(Fig.: Installation completed)


Table of Contents

Table of Contents