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Numeric Keypad - Silvercrest USB TRAVELLER KIT User Manual And Service Information

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Numeric Keypad

- Expanding a PC or a notebook with an external numeric keypad
- Maximum length: 80cm (connector cable)
Num Lock control light
If your keyboard has no numeric keypad, you can use this add-on device to make numeric entries. Pull
the numeric keypad and connector simultaneously and carefully to make the connection cable the
desired length. Please see winding mechanism notes on page 7. If required, put the extension cable on
the connector of the numeric keypad in order to make the connector cable longer.
The numeric keypad is an active device which does not need manual driver installation under Microsoft
Windows Vista™, Windows
corresponding driver will be automatically installed (see page 6 - Procedure).
Some keys have a double assignment. To switch assignments press the "Num Lock" key to the above
left on the numeric keypad. When you enable Num Lock a control light shows and the numbers on the
numeric keypad are enabled. When you disable Num Lock, the control light goes out and the special
functions are enabled.
You can use the numeric keypad to directly operate the Windows
you invoke the programme Calculator and the Num Lock function on the numeric keypad is
enabled, then you can use the numbers and mathematical functions as a calculator.
XP or Windows
2000. On first operation of the numeric keypad the
operating system calculator. If


Table of Contents

Table of Contents