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Warranty & Service - Silvercrest SUL 1000 A1 Operating Instructions Manual

Universal usb charger


Table of Contents
Warranty & Service
You receive a 3-year warranty for this device
as of the purchase date. This device has been
manufactured with care and meticulously
examined before delivery. Please retain your
receipt as proof of purchase.
In the case of a warranty claim, please get
in touch, by telephone, with our service
department. Only in this way can a post-free
dispatch for your goods be assured.
The warranty covers only claims for material
and maufacturing defects, not for transport
damage, wear and tear or for damage to
fragile components, e.g. switches or recharge-
able batteries. This product is for private use
only and is not intended for commercial ap-
plications. If this product has been subjected
to improper or inappropriate handling, abuse
or interventions not carried out by one of our
authorised sales and service outlets, the war-
ranty will be considered void.
Your statutory rights are not restricted in any
way by this warranty. The warranty period
is not extended through repairs made under
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Table of Contents

Table of Contents