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Connecting The Adapter; Safety-Related Guidelines - Siemens SIMATIC PC Adapter TS Adapter Quick Reference Manual

Siemans pc adaptor quick reference guide
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PC/TS Adapter

Connecting the Adapter


Safety-related Guidelines

Qualified Personnel
A device/system may only be commissioned or operated by
qualified personnel. Qualified personnel as referred to in
safety guidelines in this document are persons authorized to
energize, de-energize, clear, ground, and tag circuits,
equipment and systems in accordance with established
safety practice. For a detailed description of the
safety-related guidelines, please refer to the Appendix.
Proper Usage
Please observe the following:
The equipment/system or the system
components may only be used for the
applications described in the catalog or the
technical description, and only in combination
with the equipment, components, and devices of
other manufacturers as far as this is
recommended or permitted by Siemens.
The product will function correctly and safely only
it it is transported, stored, set up, and installed as
intended, and operated and maintained with
Cleaning the Device
The device may be cleaned only using a soft cotton cloth and
neutral detergent. Make sure that no liquid penetrates the
Quick Reference Guide
PC/TS Adapter


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