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Siemens SIMATIC PC Adapter TS Adapter Quick Reference Manual

Siemans pc adaptor quick reference guide
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PC Adapter
TS Adapter
Quick Reference Guide
Edition 01/2003


Table of Contents

  Summary of Contents for Siemens SIMATIC PC Adapter TS Adapter

  • Page 1 SIMATIC PC Adapter TS Adapter Quick Reference Guide Edition 01/2003 A5E00078070-02...
  • Page 2 Exclusion of Liability...
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Contents 1 Product Definition ....... 2 Package Components ......3 Accessories .
  • Page 4 PC/MPI Cable Kurzanleitung PC/TS Adapter A5E00078070-02...
  • Page 5: Product Definition

    Quick Reference Guide Product Definition The adapter is available as: PC adapter 6ES7 972-0CA2x-0XA0 TS adapter 6ES7 972-0CA3x-0XA0 Note Where ’adapter’ is referred to below, the text applies to both variants. The PC adapter connects a PC to the MPI/DP interface (Multipoint Interface) via the serial COM port of an S7/M7/C7 system.
  • Page 6 PC/TS Adapter With ’direct connection’, the TS adapter allows you to link programming devices/PCs with S7/M7/C7 systems. With this setup, the TS adapter corresponds in functionality to the PC adapter. With ’modem connection’, the TS adapter enables you to link programming devices/PCs with S7/M7/C7 systems over the telephone network.
  • Page 7 Quick Reference Guide Adapter MPI/DP connector RS232 connector Figure 1-3 Adapter The two adapter types differ with respect to the location of the MPI/DP parameters: The MPI/DP parameters for the PC adapter are set in “Set PG/PC interface”. When opening an online display for the first time, ther parameters are transferred to the PC adapter.
  • Page 8: Package Components

    PC/TS Adapter Package Components Adapter Quick Reference Guide Mounting assembly (TS adapter only) Accessories (not part of the adapter package) RS232 cable, 6 meters in length 6ES7 901-1BF00-0XA0 (required to operate the PC adapter and to operate the TS adapter in direct connection only). MPI/DP Network A maximum of 32 nodes can be interfaced to an MPI/DP network segment.
  • Page 9: Prerequisites For Operation

    Quick Reference Guide Prerequisites for Operation Hardware PC/programming device with a free COM port (COM1 or COM2, 9-pin COM connection). Appropriate adapters for other connector combinations are available in specialist shops, for example 9-pin to 25-pin subminiature D connector. 25-pin subminiature D: Signal: Shield Shield...
  • Page 10: Connecting The Adapter

    Siemens. The product will function correctly and safely only it it is transported, stored, set up, and installed as intended, and operated and maintained with care.
  • Page 11: General Remarks

    Quick Reference Guide General Remarks MPI/DP side: Adapter and S7/M7/C7 system each represent one network node. In networks comprising two nodes (adapter and S7/M7/C7 system), the adapter is plugged directly into the S7/M7/C7 system’s MPI/DP port; in networks consisting of more than two nodes, the adapter is plugged into a Profibus connector’s “PG port”...
  • Page 12 PC/TS Adapter As the adapter receives its power supply via the MPI/DP in- terface, only those interfaces can be used which provide 24 V DC and 5 V DC with the voltages and currents specified in the table in the ”Technical Specifications” (Chapter 7). The- refore a connection at the free end of a PROFIBUS cable is not possible.
  • Page 13 Quick Reference Guide 9-pin subminiature D: Signal: Shield Shield Connector casing Connector casing Figure 1-8 RS232 Cable 6ES7 901-1BF00-0XA0 Warning The RS232 cable listed under Point 3 (Accessories) ensures that EMC requirements are met. This cannot be guaranteed if you use a different cable and you do so at your own risk.
  • Page 14: Pin Configuration

    PC/TS Adapter Pin Configuration The MPI/DP connector has the following pin configuration: Figure 1-9 MPI/DP Connector Signals Abbre- Description viation Pin is unassigned M24V 24 V supply’s 0 V line, sup- plies adapter electronics via DC/DC converter (PC potential area) LTG_B Data line B RTSAS RTSAS Control signal for...
  • Page 15 Quick Reference Guide Abbre- Description viation P24V 24V supply’s +24V line, supplies adapter electronics via DC/DC converter (PC potential area) LTG_A Data line A RTS_P Adapter’s RTS output signal. The signal is ‘1’ when the adapter is transmitting. Shield On connector casing* * The shield is interconnected with the RS232 connector via the adapte casing’s shield.
  • Page 16 PC/TS Adapter The RS232 connector has the following pin assignments: Figure 1-10 RS232 Connector (PC-compatible) Signals Abbrevia- Description tion Data Carrier Detect Received Data Transmitted Data Data Terminal Ready Reference potential (0V) for all RS232 signals (Signal Ground) Data Set Ready Request to Send Clear to Send Ring Indicator...
  • Page 17: Connection Procedures

    Quick Reference Guide Connection Procedures Start Switch PC/ modem off Establish cable connection on (see 6.2 “General”, RS232 side) RS232 side of the adapter (See 6.2 “General”, MPI/DP side) => Microprocessor in adapter starts Connect MPI/DP to work and switches the Power connector of LED to constant light after blinking adapter to...
  • Page 18: Function And Operation Of The Switch

    PC/TS Adapter Function and Operation of the Switch The switch is used for setting the transmission rate (19.2 kbps or 38.4 kbps) on the RS232 side of the adapter variant in direct connection. It has no function with modem connection. The transmission rate set with the switch must agree with the rate parameterized for the PC in “Set PG/PC interface”.
  • Page 19: Function Of The Power Led

    Quick Reference Guide The switch is operated only infrequently and is recessed so that it cannot be operated inadvertently. See Figure 1-11 for the location of the switch. Both switch positions are labeled on the underside of the unit. To operate the switch, please use a ball-point pen (“retractable ball-point”) up to a diameter of 1.7 mm or a blunt instrument of the same size.
  • Page 20: Technical Specifications

    PC/TS Adapter Technical Specifications All required specifications are listed in the table below. Designation Technical Specifications PC adapter Order number PC Adapter 6ES7 972-0CA2x-0XA0 TS Adapter 6ES7 972-0CA3x-0XA0 Dimensions 108 mm x 50 mm x 24 mm (4.25 in. x 1.96 in. x 0.94 in.) (L x W x H) Weight Approx.
  • Page 21 Quick Reference Guide Designation Technical Specifications Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) Emitted interference Limit class B to EN 55022 = CISPR 22 "2kV Interference (to IEC 801-4/ immunity on signal IEC 1000-4-4; Burst) lines "6kV Interference Contact discharge immunity against (to IEC 801-2/IEC 1000-4-2; discharging of static ESD) "8kV...
  • Page 22: Supplied Pc/Ts Adapter Versions

    PC/TS Adapter Designation Technical Specifications Mechanical environmental conditions Vibration Tested to DIN IEC 68-2-6 Operation 10 to 58 Hz, amplitude 0.075 mm 58 to 150 Hz acceleration 9.8 m/s shipping 5 - 9 Hz, amplitude 3.5 mm (adapter packed 9 - 500 Hz, acceleration 9.8 m/s transport) Shock Tested to DIN IEC 68-2-27/29...
  • Page 23: Features Of The Pc/Ts Adapter Versions

    Quick Reference Guide Features of the PC/TS Adapter Versions PC Adapter V3.0 V3.1 Transmission speed 19.2 Kbps 19.2 Kbps to PC 38.4 Kbps Transmission speed 187.5 Kbps 187.5 Kbps of MPI/DP network – – DP transport protocol – – Routing support –...
  • Page 24 PC/TS Adapter TS Adapter V3.0 V5.0 Transmission 19.2 Kbps 19.2 Kbps speed to PC 38.4 Kbps Transmission 2.4 Kbps 2.4 Kbps speed of 4.8 Kbps 4.8 Kbps Adapter-Modem 9.6 Kbps 9.6 Kbps interface 19.2 Kbps 19.2 Kbps 38.4 Kbps 38.4 Kbps 57.6 Kbps 115.2 Kbps Transmission...
  • Page 25: Approvals

    Quick Reference Guide Approvals Approval for USA and Canada UL/CSA approval Important for the U.S.A. and Canada: The characters stamped on a device are indicative of the requirements which that device meets: Underwriters Laboratories (UL) to the UL 1950 standard, Report E11 5352 standard, Report E11 5352 Underwriters Laboratories (UL) to the Canadian standard C22.2 No.
  • Page 26 PC/TS Adapter FM Approval FM approval to Factory Mutual Approval Standard 3611. Warning Personal injury or property damage can result. In hazardous areas, personal injury or property damage can result if you close or disconnect an electrical circuit during operation (e.g. plug-in connections, fuses, switches).
  • Page 27: Approvals For Europe

    In accordance with the above-mentioned EU Directive, Article 10 (2), the EU declarations of conformity and the associated documentation are held at the disposal of the competent authorities at the address below: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft Bereich Automation and Drives A&D AS RD 4 Postfach 1963...
  • Page 28 PC/TS Adapter Quick Reference Guide PC/TS Adapter A5E00078070-02...

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