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TC35 Terminal
User Guide
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  Summary of Contents for Siemens TC35

  • Page 1 TC35 Terminal User Guide Wireless be inspired Modules...
  • Page 3: Safety Information

    Safety information Radio devices have limitations in the vicinity of electronic devices: • Switch the TC35 Terminal off when you are in a hospital or near medical devices like pacemakers or hearing aids. The Terminal may interfere with the operation of these devices.
  • Page 4: Table Of Contents

    Contents Safety information ... 1 Contents ... 2 Overview ... 4 Front view ... 4 Rear view ... 4 Product description... 5 Highlights ... 6 Applications ... 6 Features... 7 Product data ... 7 Certification ... 7 Audio... 7 SMS ... 7 Data ...
  • Page 5 Contents Operating states / LED ... 29 POWER DOWN ... 30 Network search ... 31 Standby ... 31 Talk ... 31 AT command control ... 32 SW update ... 33 Compatibility ... 34 Compatibility withthe predecessor, the M20Terminal ... 34 Certification / maintenance ...
  • Page 6: Overview

    Overview Front view RS232 interface (9-pin D-Sub) Rear view Handset connector Plug-in power Antenna connector LED display Mini-SIM card holder...
  • Page 7: Product Description

    Product description The TC35 Terminal is a compact GSM modem for the transfer of data, voice, SMSand faxes in GSM networks. Industrial standard interfaces and an integrated SIMcard reader mean it can be used rapidly, easily and universally as a dual band GSM Terminal.
  • Page 8: Highlights

    Product description Highlights • Dual-band EGSM900 / GSM1800 • Data, voice, SMS and fax • R&TTE approval, GCF approval • Easy to integrate • Industrial interfaces • LED display • Wide input voltage range • Highly compact, light and powerful Applications •...
  • Page 9: Features

    Features Product data • Dual-band EGSM900 and GSM1800 • Certified in accordance with GSM phase2/2+ • Output performance: – Class 4 (2 W) for EGSM900 – Class 1 (1 W) for GSM1800 • Control via AT commands • Input voltage range +8V ... +30V •...
  • Page 10: Supplementary Services

    Features Supplementary • Phone book services • Multiparty • DTMF (Dual Tone Multi Frequency) External interfaces • Connector for plug-in power supply unit • Handset audio interface • Mini-SIM card holder • Antenna connector FME (male) • RS232 interface (V.24/V.28 on the Sub-D socket) Accessories Antennae, SIM cards, power supply units,...
  • Page 11: Installation

    SIEMENS TC35 Terminal. Attaching The TC35 Terminal can be attached with two screws. Use screws approx.50 mm long theTerminal and Ø 3mm. The TC35 Terminal can be attached to a top-hat rail using an additional fixture (see the following page).
  • Page 12 Installation Mounting kit for top-hat rail installation The TC35 Terminal can be attached to a 35mm top-hat rail using this mounting kit. There are two screws that are used tofix the top-hat rail adapter to the TC35 Terminal. The TC35 Terminal can be inserted onto the...
  • Page 13: Interface Description

    • Antenna connector FME (male) • RS232 interface (V.24/V.28 on the D-Sub socket) Plug-in power The TC35 Terminal receives its power supply in a wide voltage range (+8 V ... +30 V) via supply unit the power supply connectors. Two additional control lines are used for switching the Terminal on/off (resetting).
  • Page 14 Reference potential for PD_IN and IGT_IN Use and operation The power supply is implemented by the +- and the GND wire. To switch the TC35 Terminal on, proceed as follows: – Either activate the DTR control line via the RS232 interface –...
  • Page 15 Fuses A permanently installed, non-replaceable fuse in the TC35 Terminal ensures electrical safety in the event of faults. Connect a fast 1.25A fuse to the supply line of the positive supply voltage for general protection of the Terminal, see "Safety and installation...
  • Page 16 • Voltages dips and interruption Connectible plug-in power supply unit Item Order no. Supplier Plug-in power supply 39001 unit for the TC35 Terminal Sphere Design Saarpfalz-Park 10 D-66450 Bexbach Saar Tel.: +49 6826 / 5200-0 Fax: +49 6826 / 5200-25...
  • Page 17: Handset Connector

    Threeaudio modes are prepared in the GSM module for this purpose. Mode 1 (default): The "Handset for Cellular Engine Siemens Terminal M20T, MC35T, TC35T, DSB35" can be connected to the TC35 Terminal (approved configuration and recommended handset). Mode 4: Any handset can be connected to the TC35Terminal.
  • Page 18 Interface description Handset connector Purpose of the connectors/connections Signal PIN I/O Description name MICN DC:O Microphone input AC:I minus MICP DC:O Microphone input AC:I plus Earpiece connector Earpiece connector 1 MICN 2 EPN 3 EPP 4 MICP Parameters DC (no load): = 6 .
  • Page 19 ETS 300-342-1 • Immunity RF common mode 0.15–80MHz in accordance with ETS300-342-1 Connectible handset Item Order no. Votronic handset HH-SI-30.3/ Handset for V1.1/0 the TC35 Terminal Supplier Votronic GmbH Saarbrücker Str. 8 D-86386 St. Ingbert Tel.: +4968949255-44 Fax: +4968949255-88...
  • Page 20 GSM11.12 phase2 to operate the Terminal. The SIM card (3V type) must be inserted in the card holder to put the TC35 Terminal into operation. 1. Make sure that there is no voltage applied to the TC35 Terminal.
  • Page 21 Interface description 3.Insert the SIM card in the SIM card holder and push it back into the housing.
  • Page 22 Interface description Purpose of the connectors/connections Signal PIN I/O Description of the name GSM module connectors CCIN Input for detection of the SIM card; high active CCRST Restart CCIO Date input/output CCCLK Clock CCVCC Supply voltage CCGND 29 Use and operation A SIM card holder from Molex with a SIM_IN contact is used.
  • Page 23: Antenna Connector

    Interface description The Bootbox BB35 enables software to be updated via the SIM interface. The Bootbox is connected instead of a SIM card (see "Bootbox BB35" on page33). Interference immunity Electrostatic discharge requirements in accordance with ETS 300-342-1 Antenna connector A dual band antenna (GSM 900/1800) can beconnected to the RF interface.
  • Page 24 Interface description Transmission type and method • Digitally modulated RF burst signal • GMSK in accordance with GSM05.04 • Half duplex • Bidirectional Interference immunity • Electrostatic discharge requirements in accordance with ETS 300-342-1 • Electrical fast transient burst requirements (cable is >3m) •...
  • Page 25: Rs232 Interface

    PC. The customer application communicates with the TC35 Terminal or the TC35 GSM engine by means of ATcellular commands. The RS232 interface is implemented as a 9-pin D-Sub socket with a screw fitting.
  • Page 26 Interface description Purpose of the connectors/connections Signal PIN I/O Description name The functions correspond to those of a serial interface on the basis of a V.24 protocol. Use and operation In order to control the Terminal and transfer data, the customer application (e.g. host computer) is connected via the RS232 cable.
  • Page 27 Interface description Interference immunity • The connecting cable must not exceed 1.8m in length. • Nominal signal range: ±15V • Max. load current 1A • Electrical fast transient burst requirements not specified • Surge immunity requirements not specified • Electrostatic discharge requirements in accordance with ETS 300-342-1 •...
  • Page 28: Startup

    If the recommended plug-in power supply unit is used, the ignition line is already connected to the supply voltage line, and the TC35 Terminal is thus immediately switched to the active state. It starts the network search and registers with network operator.
  • Page 29: Switching Off

    VBAT=operating voltage for the GSM module VDD=supply voltage from the module Activation of the RS232 control line DTR The TC35 Terminal can be switched on in the same way as via IGT_IN by activating the RS232 control line DTR (high signal). Note...
  • Page 30 To do this, the PD_IN Terminal reset line is active (high) for at least 3.5s. This results in immediate, "hard" disconnection, with the TC35 Terminal unable to sign off correctly from the base station in the STANDBY and TALK operating states .
  • Page 31: Operating States / Led

    Operating states / LED The LEDs display the following operating states of the Terminal: Operating state After connecting the plug- On for 2 s in power supply unit POWER DOWN – Network search or Flashes rapidly – no SIM card is inserted –...
  • Page 32: Power Down

    GSM network is available. POWER DOWN Once the operating voltage is applied (+ and GND), the TC35 Terminal is in the POWER DOWN state. The operating voltage for the GSM module is disconnected (the switching regulator is off).
  • Page 33: Network Search

    • From the TALK or STANDBY state: when the network is lost (out of range) Standby In the STANDBY state, the TC35 Terminal is ready to send and receive and registered in the network. Paging is performed with the GSM network in order to obtain...
  • Page 34: At Command Control

    AT command control The TC35 Terminal is controlled and programmed by means of AT commands. The AT command structure corresponds to the TC35 module used. The AT commands can be obtained from the ICM WM home page:
  • Page 35: Sw Update

    SW update A SW update for the TC35 Terminal takes place via the RS232 interface or the SIM interface. These interfaces must be designed in such a way that the upgrading ofthe TC35 Terminal is integrated in the application. The software can be obtained from the ICM WM home page.
  • Page 36: Compatibility

    Compatibility Compatibility The direct predecessor of the TC35 Terminal is the M20 Terminal. withthe predecessor, the The antenna connector is not compatible. M20Terminal The modified version (passive version) of the Votronic handset must be operated at the audio interface in accordance with HH-SI-30.3/V1.1/0.
  • Page 37: Certification / Maintenance

    Certification / maintenance Certification The TC35 with its IMEI number is approved for operation in GSM networks and complies with the following EU directives: • Directive 89/336/EEC on electromagnetic compatibility • Directive 98/13/EC, CTR 19 and CTR 20, on telecommunications Terminal equipment •...
  • Page 38: Index

    Index Accessories 8 Antenna connector 4, 11, 21 AT command control 32 Audio 7 Bootbox 33 Certification 7, 35 Compatibility 34 Data 7 External interface 8 Fax 7 Features 7 Fuses 13 Handset connector 4, 11, 15 Installation 9 Interface description 11 LED 4, 29 Maintenance 35 Mini-SIM card holder 4, 11...
  • Page 39 Issued by Siemens AG ICM Wireless Modules Haidenau Platz 1, D-81667 Munich Germany Subject to changes in technology and availability. Order no.: A31008-H8600-A1-1-7619 Printed in Germany Wireless be inspired Modules...