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Gsm remote supervision
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If the PIN code on the SIM card is the same as the PIN in GB 051 and SIM is
blocked by PIN, then after setting new PIN to the GB 051 unit the PIN will be
changed in both – the SIM and GB 051 unit.
GB 051 replies to this SMS message and draws sender's attention to necessity of
unification of PIN in Remote Supervision and phone and to necessity of switch-off
of cell phone.
After reception of this SMS message verify correct PIN code change by switching
the phone off with the red phone button. If PIN is set correctly and external power
supply is connected GB 051 automatically switches on the phone, sets PIN and
LED starts to flash in slow rhythm. It signalizes readiness of Remote Supervision
for reception and sending messages. At the same time new PIN is entered into
memory of GB 051.
It is possible to set up volume of cell phone ringing according to your need in
main menu. Ringing of the phone can be eventually switched off completely. It is
possible to change or switch off the sound indicating reception of SMS message
either. Furthermore, volume of conversation can be changed (only the volume of
speaker is concerned).
If SMS centre is not correctly set on SIM card it is necessary to set it up in cell
phone menu.

3.4. Indication by LED

Indicating LED on the side of GB 051 indicates basic operating states:
Slow regular flashing
Occasional short flash Remote Supervision is prepared but runs from
6 quick flashes
3 quick flashes
Quick flashing

Programming by SMS Messages

Number of functions and parameters, which allow adjustment of GSM Remote
Supervision to environment and user's requirements can be configured by
programming. At the same time programming allows control of functions by user.
Programming can be carried out either remote by SMS message from cell phone or
Internet if available - or comfortably using the Control Panel software and the ED
051 011 communication converter with cable connected to the serial port of your PC.
Remote Supervision is prepared for operation
backup battery
Action in progress – after an input is activated
Incoming SMS command message
Not ready for ALARM, no connection to the GSM


Table of Contents

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Table of Contents