Programming From Pc; Operation During Failure Of External Power Supply - Siemens C35i User Manual

Gsm remote supervision
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The call will take 255 seconds unless you end it sooner by hang-up.
Sensitivity of cell phone built-in microphone might be relatively low. Therefore it is
necessary to select a suitable placement of the unit in order to use this feature.

Programming from PC

Comfortable way of setting of all GB 051 parameters from PC by the means of
configuration program and serial cable with converter can be used. Program and cable
can be bought additionally as set for configuration from PC – supply No. ED 051 011.
Program shall be installed under MS WINDOWS by command A:\setup. Connect
GB 051 through interconnecting cable with converter ED 051 011. Program allows
reading of actual configuration from GB 051, changing of configuration and exporting of
new configuration into GB 051. Configuration can also be saved and read from files.

Operation during Failure of External Power Supply

During failure of external power supply GB 051 operates, with unchanged output, for
approx. 12 hours from battery. However, it is not able to switch on the cell phone
without external power supply and therefore command RESET is ignored.
Configuration, which you enter in GB 051, will be saved in memory – type EEPROM –
for arbitrarily long time even during disconnection or total discharge of backup battery.


Table of Contents

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