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Init - Re-Initialization Of Values Set From Production; Icall - Regular Calling Free Of Charge; Mcall - Monthly Calling - Siemens C35i User Manual

Gsm remote supervision
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4.3. INIT – Re-initialization of Values Set from Production
In case you lost view of GB 051 set-up you can carry out remote re-initialization of
parameter values set in production.
GSM Remote Supervision will be set to initial set-up from production.
Sender of Command receives message about correct reception of Command.
In case you do not know pre-set PIN or you are not able to program for another
reason then carry out hardware initialization described in chapter 4.1.
4.4. ICALL – Regular Calling Free of Charge
If you want to be informed free of charge about correct function of GB 051 in set
regular intervals following parameters provide it:
*1) The space is between key word of command „ICALL" and value of parameter "number"
*2) Number can be entered in national format – e.g. 606445566 but also in international
format – e.g. +420606445566.
*1) The space is between key word of command „ICALLINT" and value of parameter „h"
After set-up of these parameters calling to set number will be automatically
activated. Phone rings only 5s and does not await pick-up. This way record about
calling from GB 051 is entered on display of cell phone without any charges
unless called party picks it up.
If you want to deactivate this functions set, send the command without parameter
– for example: XXppppICALL or XXpppICALLINT without further parameters.
4.5. MCALL – Monthly Calling
Some GSM operators require requires to carry out at least one paid phone
connection in 3 months from this card in order to keep the SIM card working –
otherwise the prepaid credit might expire. In order to prevent this from happening
it is possible to enter a number into GB 051, which the unit will automatically call
every month of operation, the phone call will be hung up 10 seconds after pick up.
Four digits of current PIN
Four digits of current PIN
Maximum 14 digits of number of any phone which allows
display of caller's number
Four digits of current PIN
Length of intervals in hours – time interval of two successive
calls. Value from 1 to 240 hours can be set. 168 hours set from



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