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List - Detection Of Set-Up; Callback - Monitoring Of Protected Area - Siemens C35i User Manual

Gsm remote supervision
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If you only want to change value of output regardless of previous state send
command without parameter "y" – e.g. XXppppOUT5 changes value of output No.
5 to reverse.
Newly set actual values of all 8 inputs/outputs are sent back to sender and to
INFOSMS number.
4.11. LIST – Detection of Set-up
If you want to find out which values of parameters are set in GB 051 it is possible
to send control SMS message, which initiates sending messages with detailed
description of set-up back to sender.
1) The space is between key word of command "LIST" and "i"
SMS command messages intended for getting parameter configuration of each
input/output 1–8:
The GB 051 unit will return sender a message with the required configuration
information related to the particular IO:
Actual value of logical level of the particular input.
Pre-set phone number for ALARM call.
Pre-set number A for ALARM SMS for the particular input.
Pre-set SMSNO B for the input.
Pre-set SMSTXT – text of the message of the input.
IO value, acall, aSMSnoA, aSMSnoB, SMStxt
In case the command SMS message is sent with no parameter, the GB 051 unit
will respond to the sender with message containing five basic configuration data:
infoSMS number, infoSMS interval, icall number, icall interval, mcall number
4.12. CALLBACK – Monitoring of Protected Area
If you want to find out by listening – e.g. during alarm – what is happening in
place of installation it is possible to require, by SMS message, to get further call
from GB 051 with switched-on microphone for room monitoring.
*1) The space is between key word of command „CALLBACK" and number.
*2) If no number is specified GB 051 calls back the number of sender of SMS command.
Number can be entered in national format – e.g. 606445566 but also in international
format – e.g. +420606445566.
Four digits of current PIN
IO number: 1 to 8, with no parameter will return the
shared configuration
Four digits of current PIN
Maximum 14 digits of any phone number



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