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Gsm remote supervision
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Send a control SMS message from cell phone or Internet, which includes in text:
INSTRUCTION Key word of the command (no difference with capital or small
One SMS can include up to 4 commands. The message then can look like this:
A confirming message is sent to the number the command message came from, this
message includes information about the new set parameter value.

4.1. PIN in GSM Remote Supervision

So as GSM Remote Supervision works correctly it is necessary that PIN on SIM
card corresponds with PIN of GSM gate and is different from 0000. In phone menu
SIM card must be blocked, tm. control of PIN after switch-on must be activated.
If the SIM card is blocked by a PIN code, connect the GB 051 to the mobile phone
only after the PIN in GB 051 was set to the same value – otherwise there is a
great risk of the SIM card getting blocked.
Change of PIN
* Space must be between the key word of command "PIN" and value of parameter "nnnn"
GB 051 confirms reception of Command to sender and draws his attention to
necessity of correspondence of PIN in GSM Remote Supervision and on SIM
card of cell phone. At the same time advises of necessity of switching off the
phone by red key. This way new PIN is entered into GSM Remote Supervision
memory and connected cell phone is automatically switched on.
Information about GB 051 reset and change of PIN is sent to INFOSMS number
after action is successfully carried out.
In case the PIN code is the same on the SIM card and in the GB 051 unit and the
SIM is blocked by PIN, then after entering a new PIN into GB 051 the PIN code
on the SIM card will be changed as well.
Two capital letters X
Four digits of current PIN in GSM Remote Supervision
Space follows
Set-up value*
End of sequence by space or end of SMS message
Four digits of current PIN in GSM Remote Supervision
Four digits of new PIN


Table of Contents

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Table of Contents