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Gsm remote supervision
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GB 051 Set for cellular phone Siemens C35i, M35 or S35
Automatic Information Transfer over the GSM Network




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  • Page 1: User Guide

    GSM REMOTE SUPERVISION GB 051 Set for cellular phone Siemens C35i, M35 or S35 Automatic Information Transfer over the GSM Network USER GUIDE LEVEL...
  • Page 2 ALARM message within 3 seconds and which allows also continuous control of protected area. Information about disturbance is sent in a form of phone call with warning signal or in a form of SMS message to your cell phone or by fax, even by e-mail if required.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    3.1. Assembly of GSM Remote Supervision..6 3.2. Wiring and connecting the GSM Remote Supervision unit... 6 3.3. Inserting the SIM Card and Connecting to the Cell Phone... 7 3.4. Indication by LED ..9 4. Programming by SMS Messages ..9 4.1.
  • Page 4: Product Description

    Cable with a connector on the lower side of the box is intended for connecting a mobile phone Siemens (one of those: C35i, M35, S35). There is also a connector for data cable for connection to a PC that enables comfortable set up of required configuration data.
  • Page 5: Contents Of Delivery

    1.2. Contents of Delivery Label Component description GB 051 010 GSM Remote Control only GB 051 011 GSM Remote Control with the Siemens C35i mobile phone SA 012 602 AC/DC Adapter Connector 13 004 027 Siemens C35i mobile phone only...
  • Page 6: Installation And Setting Into Operation

    Due to interference it is not advisable to operate device close to other power or high-frequency devices. Before assembly prove by cell phone if there is sufficient level of signal required by GSM network in selected place. Pay attention to delay in indicating of signal level.
  • Page 7: Inserting The Sim Card And Connecting To The Cell Phone

    12 hours being supplied from the mobile phone battery. 3.3. Inserting the SIM Card and Connecting to the Cell Phone GSM Remote Supervision can be used only with cell phones Siemens C35, M35 and S35. Do not attempt to connect other phones, it may cause device or phone damage.
  • Page 8 “0000” (This will also be the PIN value after unit’s initialization). How to change PIN code in the Siemens mobile phones: In menu select Setup – Security – Codes – Change PIN and the phone will ask you to enter first the current PIN and then to enter and verify the new PIN code –...
  • Page 9: Indication By Led

    At the same time new PIN is entered into memory of GB 051. It is possible to set up volume of cell phone ringing according to your need in main menu. Ringing of the phone can be eventually switched off completely. It is possible to change or switch off the sound indicating reception of SMS message either.
  • Page 10: Pin In Gsm Remote Supervision

    PIN in GSM Remote Supervision and on SIM card of cell phone. At the same time advises of necessity of switching off the phone by red key. This way new PIN is entered into GSM Remote Supervision memory and connected cell phone is automatically switched on.
  • Page 11: Reset Of Gsm Remote Supervision

    Value of PIN of GSM gate set from production and after initialization is 0000. PIN 0000 shall not be set into cell phone from gate so that blockage of phone is not caused during first contacts with gate. Example: Original PIN of GSM gate is 0000. SIM card, which you use in cell phone in GSM gate has PIN 1234 and is blocked by PIN.
  • Page 12: Init - Re-Initialization Of Values Set From Production

    After set-up of these parameters calling to set number will be automatically activated. Phone rings only 5s and does not await pick-up. This way record about calling from GB 051 is entered on display of cell phone without any charges unless called party picks it up.
  • Page 13: Acall - Automatic Alarm Calling

    If you want to use this service it is recommended to set-up number of your fax or number of time information. It is not recommended to set your cell phone number because GB 051 does not use real time and call can come during night.
  • Page 14: Smsint - Interval For Dispatch Of Sms Messages About Operation

    No. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 or 8 (by connection with terminal No. 7 – ground) on terminal board of GB 051. Each prepared text of SMS message of particular input can be sent to two cell phone numbers. No number is activated from production. These numbers can be set:...
  • Page 15: Out - Set-Up Of Level Of Outputs By Sms Messages

    Inputs can be therefore activated. Activated by input No.: Four digits of current PIN Maximum 14 digits of cell phone number Output Four digits of current PIN Figure 0 or 1 determines logical level of output By sending value 0 output is set to 0V...
  • Page 16: List - Detection Of Set-Up

    If you only want to change value of output regardless of previous state send command without parameter “y” – e.g. XXppppOUT5 changes value of output No. 5 to reverse. Newly set actual values of all 8 inputs/outputs are sent back to sender and to INFOSMS number.
  • Page 17: Programming From Pc

    Operation during Failure of External Power Supply During failure of external power supply GB 051 operates, with unchanged output, for approx. 12 hours from battery. However, it is not able to switch on the cell phone without external power supply and therefore command RESET is ignored.
  • Page 18: List Of Programming Commands - Control Sms Messages

    List of Programming Commands – Control SMS Messages Description Set PIN RESET of GSM Supervision Initialisation of parameters Regular information calling Length of interval of calling Monthly calling Alarm calling Information number Interval of sending information SMS messages Alarm SMS messages Numbers for IO1 SMS n A sending...
  • Page 19: Basic Technical Parameters

    Basic Technical Parameters GB 051 ALARM tone Inputs of SMS messages No. 1–8 Logical 0 Logical 1 Outputs of SMS messages No. 1–8 Logical 0 Logical 1 GSM network SIM card Device Power supply voltage Peak power consumption during charging Max.
  • Page 20: Guarantee Certificate

    Product name: ...…... Type: ……...…………...……….. Production number: .…...…. Date of sale: ...…………...……….. Signature: ……………...………. Seller (stamp): ……………………………….. Information about guarantee repairs: Date of Date of receipt return Producer: LEVEL ltd., Plhovská 1997, 547 01 Náchod. Czech Rep. Tel/Fax No.: +420 491-44 66 11. e-mail:, GUARANTEE CERTIFICATE Signature Description of defect...
  • Page 21: Guarantee Conditions

    GUARANTEE CONDITIONS Length of guarantee period is 24 months from the date of sale. Guarantee applies only to goods registered or identified by company LEVEL. Guarantee repair will be carried out at latest within 10 working days after receipt of defective goods by company LEVEL provided that spare part is disposable in store.
  • Page 22: Statement Of Consensus

    Additional information: Power supply is carried out by safe voltage of 10–16 V (direct current) Device is compatible only with cell phone Siemens C35, M35 and S35. Released in: Náchod Date of release: 01.08.2003...
  • Page 24 © GB 051@1.02 LEVEL, 2003 LEVEL Ltd, Plhovská 1997, Náchod 547 01 CZECH REPUBLIC E-mail

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