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Gsm remote supervision
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Product Description

1.1. Description of Function
GSM Remote Supervision GB 051 consists of plastic box, which is firmly joined to
the battery of cell phone. Communication cable with connector gets out of this box
into cell phone, which is used by GB 051 for realization of phone connection and
reception and sending of SMS messages.
On the upper side of the box there is a cut-off terminal board with terminals for
power supply, for interface to PC, control inputs and 8 input/output cables to alarm
switchboard, to detectors or to switching electronics.
Cable with a connector on the lower side of the box is intended for connecting a
mobile phone Siemens (one of those: C35i, M35, S35). There is also a connector
for data cable for connection to a PC that enables comfortable set up of required
configuration data. All configuration parameters can also be set using SMS
messages sent from a mobile phone or Internet.
Red light emitting diode (LED) on the left side signalizes basic operational states,
e.g.: correct function, function from backup power supply, GSM connection in
ready mode, action in progress, etc.
It is possible to prepare separate text of SMS message and to specify two
numbers of cell phones, to which message shall be sent for each of the 8 inputs.
Prepared text of SMS message is sent to specified numbers by activation of one
of the 8 inputs and phone call with warning alarm signal is carried out to a
predefined number. In case it is not possible to send SMS message or call, the
attempt is repeated 10 times in the intervals of 5 minutes.
Each input can be used at the same time as output and it is possible to set up
requested value of inputs using SMS message sent from cell phone or Internet.
It is possible to request call with additional sound monitoring of the room by
incoming SMS message.
It is still possible to use cell phone connected to GB 051 to carry out outgoing and
incoming calls.
GB 051 is self-controlled – it sends information about failure of power supply,
messages about reset, initialization, about configuration change but also
information messages about operation in set intervals.


Table of Contents

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