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Inserting The Sim Card And Connecting To The Cell Phone - Siemens C35i User Manual

Gsm remote supervision
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By connection clips no. 2 and 3 (ground and reset) the unit reset will
be run, while all the set configuration value will remain in place.
The value of days in service will be set to 0.
Detailed description of how to carry on the initialization can be found
in Chapter 4.1. The GSM Remote Control device will be set into
default manufacturer's settings by the initialization.
Recommended linkage of outputs:
If GSM signal is insufficient external antenna can be connected to cell phone.
Professional solution of switching electrical devices on and off is provided by the
230 V/5 A double power switch ED 050 300 that can be purchased as optional
For connection with a PC use always the ED 051 011 converter with cable that
connects into the connector at the bottom side of the unit and into the RS 232
interface in your PC. If you need to connect the PC using the older ED 050 001
converter, use the new optional accessory ED 051 050 (cable with reduction,
Control Panel software included).
The GB 051 device is able to work fully without external power supply for
approximately 12 hours being supplied from the mobile phone battery.

3.3. Inserting the SIM Card and Connecting to the Cell Phone

GSM Remote Supervision can be used only with cell phones Siemens C35, M35
and S35. Do not attempt to connect other phones, it may cause device or phone
Always use only NiMH battery with the GB 051. Using a Li-Ion battery might result
in unstable function of the GSM Remote Supervision; this type of battery can
cause the mobile phone to turn off without the possibility of starting up
Recommended linkage of inputs:



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