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Siemens C35i User Manual page 8

Gsm remote supervision
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Cell phone must be in basic configuration, only parameters specified further can
be changed.
A SIM card inserted in the GB 051 device must be configured in one of the two
ways described below:
a) If SIM is not blocked by PIN code, then the PIN value in GB 051 is irrelevant –
in this case you can skip this instruction and continue to
assembly the GB 051 and the cell phone.
b) If SIM is blocked by PIN, and then the PIN in GB 051 must be the same with
the PIN at the SIM in mobile phone. The default PIN code in the GB 051 unit
is set from production as "0000" (This will also be the PIN value after unit's
How to change PIN code in the Siemens mobile phones:
In menu select Setup – Security – Codes – Change PIN and the phone will ask
you to enter first the current PIN and then to enter and verify the new PIN code –
enter PIN "0000".
Description of first assembly:
Insert the SIM card and battery into the cell phone, put on the back cover.
Stick the GB 051 unit together with the back cover of the mobile phone,
connectors must be faced down.
Interconnect the GB 051 with connector in the cell phone.
Connect the 12 V external power supply connector.
After the power supply is connected, the GB 051 will automatically turn on
the phone and if the PIN code is requested by the phone, the unit will
automatically enter the PIN predefined in configuration.
Wait to see the cell phone to connect to the GSM network, the LED should
start blinking slowly.
Following this it is recommended to send a command SMS as described
below to set a new PIN (other than 0000) in the GB 051 and the SIM card for
security reasons. This will also verify the correct functionality of the GB 051
device – by confirming it can receive the command SMS and set reply
message back.
After the inquiry on the phone display enter PIN with phone keyboard and wait
until phone logs in. From this moment GSM Remote Supervision is able to accept
control SMS messages.
Therefore send control message (command) to cell phone connected to GB 051:
means two capital letters X
is the current PIN in GB 051 (manufacturer setting is 0000)
is the key word of the command
is the "space" symbol
is the new PIN value



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