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Contents Of Delivery; Safety Commands - Siemens C35i User Manual

Gsm remote supervision
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1.2. Contents of Delivery

Component description
GB 051 010
GSM Remote Control only
GB 051 011
GSM Remote Control with the Siemens C35i mobile phone
SA 012 602
AC/DC Adapter
13 004 027
Siemens C35i mobile phone only
13 004 028
Siemens C35i mobile phone
ED 001 001
External 3 dB antenna with magnet, 3 meter cable
ED 001 002
Flat external antenna to be glued -on glass or plastic
Converter for connection between a PC and the GB
ED 051 011
051 k PC, configuration software included
ED 051 050
Connector reduction for the ED 050 001 converter
01 002 008
NiMH battery for the Siemens C35i mobile phone
ED 050 300
Double power switch 230 V / 5 A
Motion detector
ED 050 400
Motion detector with remote control
ED 050 401
Push button connectable into a panel
ED 060 601
(●) included in the predefined set
(○) optional accessory for the product type

Safety Commands

GB 051 is conformable with technical standards for operation in our mains.
Power source with voltage 10–16 V DC must be used for power supply. Dimension
for peak current is 500mA.
While cover is removed parts under voltage can be exposed. Device must be
disconnected from all power sources including backup battery before maintenance
or exchange of parts or filled boards.
While fitting together and assembling the equipment avoid cut-off of interconnecting
cables or their damage by edges.
No fluids must enter the device. Danger of fire, destruction of device or injury by
electric current impend. In case it occurs pull power source out of the plug
immediately and consult specialist.
Avoid forceful mechanic stress of device.
Do not place device into rooms with high temperatures, strong vibrations or high
In case you moved device from cool to warm room do not set it into operation
immediately. Water condenses on device and operation under these circumstances
can cause damage of device. Let device warm up to temperature of room. Wait
until condensed water evaporates.
220 V / 12 V DC, 600 mA, cable 1,5 m long



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