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Setup Menu - Siemens C30 User Manual

Siemens mobile phone user guide
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In addition to reading a broadcast,
you can select it, press »OPTION«
Enter the list menu
by pressing
Select »Messages«
• delete it
• store it for reading it later on
These are general
• forward it to another phone
messages which are broadcast to a
group of subscribers and typically
If you want to receive broadcast
containing local weather reports,
sport results, etc.
messages you have to enter the
A broadcast message is scrolled
Setup menu (see p. 42) to set up
twice on the display at the time of
different features.
reception. If you do not see it at
that time, you can read it by select-
Voice mail
ing »Broadcasts«.
offer a voice mail function where
If you do not store a broadcast
you can listen to your voice mails
message, it will be deleted when
just by selecting the sub menu
you switch off your telephone –
»Voice mail«.
even if the message has not been
Other networks send you an
SMS (see p. 22) when you receive
a new voice mail, and you will then
have to call your network operator's
voice mail number to listen to it.
List menu
Some networks
Facts & Tips
• If you have selected Roaming, i.e. if
you are abroad and connected to a
foreign network, you may be able to
receive broadcasts from other net-
works, too.
• The display will show the broadcast
ID number and you can thus identify
the kind of message received.

Setup menu

Find out how to set your phone
according to your own personal
wishes and needs.



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