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Phone Setup - Siemens C30 User Manual

Siemens mobile phone user guide
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Phone setup

reference in which your phone
should select a network.
Enter the setup menu
by pressing »MENU«
Manual selection Your phone will
Select »Phone setup«
always start searching for the net-
work with which it was in contact
when it was switched off. If the
phone cannot locate this network,
Select »Language« to change the
it will present some alternative net-
display language of your phone.
works on the display, and you must
then select one manually.
Network selection
Phoning abroad requires the use of
Set preferred list Enter a list of net-
a foreign network. You can select
works in your own order of pre-
one manually or let your telephone
ference and store them on your
do it automatically.
SIM card.
Entering »Network selection«
To do this, select the empty loca-
gives you three options:
tion in which you want to store the
new network. Pressing »EDIT « will
Automatic selection Let your phone
give you a list of networks. Find a
network you wish to store in your
find an available network automati-
preferred list, and press »OK«. If
cally. Your phone will always try to
you select a currently used location
reach your home network first,
and press »EDIT«, the former occu-
then alternatively find another avail-
pant will be deleted if you enter a
able network. You have the possibil-
new one.
ity of establishing a preferred list
(see below) indicating the order of
Setup menu
The Tones menu gives you different
options for the various tones of
your phone:
Ringing tone Choose between 10
different ringing tones.
Ringing volume Select whether you
want the volume of your ringing
tone to be »High«, »Medium«,
»Low« or »Off«.
Facts & Tips
• If, by mistake, you select a language
SMS tone volume Select whether
which you do not understand, you can
you want to be alerted by a tone
always return to the original language
when you receive an SMS. Your
by pressing the following keys:
options are »High«, »Medium«,
, in standby mode.
»Low« or »Off«.
• If you want to store a network that
is not present in the list you get when
Broadcast tone volume Select
you press
, you can select
whether you want to be alerted by
and enter the country
a tone when you receive a broad-
code and network number of the net-
cast message. Your options are
»High«, »Medium«, »Low« or
• Please note that your phone can get
in contact only with co-operating net-
works (except for emergency calls).
Setup menu
Key tone Select whether you want
to hear a tone when you press a
key on your keypad. Your options
are »On« and »Off«.
Facts & Tips
• Remember that for each entry
stored in your phone book you can
select a specific ringing tone (p. 12).
The ringing tone pattern that you
select in
will thus be used
for the callers to which you have not
selected a specific ringing tone.
• You can disable all kinds of tones by
and then
. Just
press the same keys again in the
same order to revert to your original



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