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Storing Entries; Using Your Keypad - Siemens C30 User Manual

Siemens mobile phone user guide
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Phone book
Use your phone book for storing

Using your keypad

names and telephone numbers. In
Each key of your phone's keypad
the table you can see how to find
contains a number of characters
the individual characters on the
which can be seen in this table:
keypad of your phone.

Storing entries

1 . , ; : ' " ! ¡ ?
Enter phone number and
¿ & % @ §
£ $ ¥ ¤
Enter name and press »OK«.
Select which ringing tone you
G H I 4
want for this specific entry by
, and con-
g h i 4 ì
firm by pressing »OK«.
The telephone will suggest that the
P Q R S 7 ß
name/number should be stored
p q r s 7 ß ß
under the first vacant location num-
* +
Press »OK« to accept the sug-
gested number, or press
»CLEAR« and enter a location
number of your own choice
(up to 3 digits).
• Press once to get the first charac-
ter, twice to get the second charac-
ter, etc.
• Hold down one of the keys for
one second to get the option of
lower case. Just press the key
again for one second to return to
upper case.
A B C 2
D E F 3 É
• Press # to get a space between
a b c 2 æ å ä à
d e f 3 é è
two characters.
• Press »CLEAR« briefly to delete
J K L 5
M N O 6
one character.
• Press »CLEAR« for one second
j k l 5
m n o 6 ø ñ ö ò
to delete the entire display.
T U V 8 Ü
W X Y Z 9
t u v 8 ü ù
w x y z 9
0- ~ / \| ( )[]
{} = < >^_
Phone book
Prefix phone numbers
Prefix phone numbers are built up
in the way that the first digits of
the number are prefix (the same for
e.g. the whole company), and the
last digit(s) is/are related to a spe-
cific person or office.
If you want to store the prefix
part of such a phone number in
your phone book, you do it in exact-
ly the same way as you store a nor-
mal phone number in your phone
book. Only, instead of each of the
Facts & Tips
additional digits that varies from
• Store frequently used phone num-
time to time, you enter a "?" . This
bers in location numbers 1 to 9 so
is done by holding down the
that you only need to press one key
key for approx. 2 seconds.
to speed dial them (see p. 38).
• If you choose a location number that
is occupied, the phone will give you
the option of overwriting the existing
entry or pressing
suggested location number again.
• Enter the phone number with the
help of
code so you can use your phone book
abroad without having to think about
international codes.
• The ringing tone that you select for a
phone number in your phone book,
will be the ringing tone you hear if a
person is calling you from this phone
• Calling Line Identification is a net-
work feature whereby phone numbers
to see the
of callers to your phone are shown on
your phone's display. If your caller is
one of the entries that you have stor-
ed in your phone book, then his/her
followed by the national
name will appear on your display.



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