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Siemens CF75 Operating Manual

Siemens cf75: user guide.
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Siemens Aktiengesellschaft,
issued by Communications,
Haidenauplatz 1
D-81667 Munich
© Siemens AG 2005
All rights reserved. Subject to availability.
Rights of modification reserved.
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft
Designed for life


Table of Contents

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  • Page 1 Siemens Aktiengesellschaft, issued by Communications, Haidenauplatz 1 D-81667 Munich © Siemens AG 2005 All rights reserved. Subject to availability. Rights of modification reserved. Siemens Aktiengesellschaft Designed for life...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Mobile Phone Manager ... 34 Accessories ... 35 Customer Care ... 36 Care and maintenance ... 38 Product data ... 39 SAR ... 40 Guarantee ... 41 License Agreement ... 43 Menu tree ... 46 Index ... 48 address:
  • Page 3: Safety Precautions

    Otherwise you risk serious perma- nent damage to your hearing. Only use original Siemens batteries (100% mercury-free) and charging devices. Otherwise you risk serious damage to health and property. The battery could explode, for instance.
  • Page 4 This will avoid potential risks to health or property and ensure com- pliance with all relevant regulations. Improper use will invalidate the guarantee! These safety instructions also apply to Siemens original accessories. Distance required for body worn at data transfer (GPRS) only...
  • Page 5: Telephone List

    Telephone list Telephone list Call key Dial phone number/name displayed/high- lighted, take calls. Show last phone num- bers dialled in standby mode. On/Off/End key • Switched off: Press and hold to switch on. • During a conversation or in an applica- tion: press briefly to finish.
  • Page 6 Softkeys The current functions of this key are shown in the bottom line of the display as /symbol (e.g. §Text§ Camera sidekey In standby mode: Start the camera. During a voice call: Increase volume. Push to talk sidekey In standby mode: Start the push to talk. During a voice call: Decrease volume.
  • Page 7: Display Symbols

    Display symbols Display symbols (selection) Signal strength. Battery charge level, e.g. 50% Phonebook/Addressbook Call records Surf & fun/ Service supplier portal Organiser Messages Camera Extras My stuff Setup All calls are diverted Ç Ringing tone off ¿ Short ring (beep) only ¾...
  • Page 8: Getting Started

    Getting started Inserting the SIM card/battery The service provider supplies you with a SIM card on which all the important data for your line is stored. If the SIM card has been delivered in credit-card size, snap the smaller segment out and remove any rough edges.
  • Page 9: Switch On/off, Pin

    Charging time An empty battery is fully charged after about 2 hours. Charging is only possible within a temperature range of +5 °C to 45 °C. If the temperature rises/falls 5 °C above/below this, the charge symbol flashes a warning. The mains voltage specified on the power supply unit must not be exceeded.
  • Page 10: General Instructions

    Copying SIM addresses The first time the SIM card is inserted, the entries on it can be copied to the Address- book. Please do not interrupt this procedure. During this time, do not accept incoming calls. Follow the instructions in the dis- play.
  • Page 11: Standard Functions

    Signal strength Strong receive signal. A weak signal reduces the call quality and may lead to loss of the connection. Change your location. Digital Rights Mgmt. (DRM) Remember that your mobile phone has digital rights management. The use of downloaded pictures, tones or appliations can be restricted by the suppliers, e.g.
  • Page 12: Security

    Following the third unsuccessful attempt, access to the phone code and the func- tions that use it is denied. If this occurs, contact the Siemens Service (p. 36). Clearing SIM card barring If the PIN is entered incorrectly three times, the SIM card is barred. Enter the...
  • Page 13: Text Entry

    PC and to synchronise the Addressbook with Outlook®, Lotus Notes™ and other Siemens phones (as well as Gigaset). You can download the Mobile Phone Manager from the Internet at Text entry...
  • Page 14: Calling

    Additional information Press briefly: Switch between: abc, Abc, abc, Press and hold: All input modes are displayed. Press and hold: Open input menu (p. 12). T9 word suggestions If several options are found in the diction- ary for a word, the most probable is dis- played first.
  • Page 15: Default Book

    Handsfree Press to playback via loudspeaker. §Handsfr.§ Always switch off "handsfree talking" before holding the phone to your ear! Otherwise, you might damage your hearing! Call options Press to use functions which are §Options§ only available during the call. Swapping between 2 calls To establish a second connection press ¢...
  • Page 16: Addressbook

    Addressbook The Addressbook can store up to 1,000 entries, each with a variety of tele- phone and fax numbers as well as addi- tional address details. These entries are managed separately from those in the Phonebook in the phone memory. New entry The address book is set as standard: Open Addressbook (in standby mode).
  • Page 17: Durat/charges

    Default Location: Special SIM cards can save phone numbers in a protected area (Protected quired). Record number: Is automatically allocated to eve- ry entry. The phone number can be dialled with your record number. Press to store the new entry. §Save§...
  • Page 18: Camera

    Account limit Special SIM cards allow you or the service provider to define a credit or a period af- ter which the phone is barred for outgo- ing calls. Auto display Call duration and charges are automatically displayed. Camera You can view photos/videos recorded on the integrated camera immediately and, •...
  • Page 19: Message List

    You will find a description in the comprehensive operating instructions on the Internet at this address: You can transmit and receive very long messages (up to 760 characters) on your phone. They are automatically composed §Options§...
  • Page 20: Mms

    animat., pictures, sounds: With the selection is displayed/played back. With the selection is added to the SMS. SMS archive ¢ ¢ SMS archive The list of SMS messages stored in the phone is displayed. SMS to group You can send an SMS message as a "circular"...
  • Page 21 If the setting has not yet been set, you will receive the necessary data from the service provider or via the "Setting Con- figurator" at: mobilephonescustomercare Select profile and confirm with Setting options Display list of profiles with lect profile.
  • Page 22: E-mail

    E-mail Your telephone has an e-mail program (Client) with which you can write and re- ceive e-mails. Write/send ¢ ¢ Create new Enter address data: Enter one or more e-mail address(es). Subject: Enter the title of the e-mail. Enter text. Text: Expanded address fields More:...
  • Page 23: Surf & Fun

    Select profile and activate it with Set profile manually You will receive the necessary data from the service provider or via the "Setting Configurator" at: mobilephonescustomercare • Select a link. • Settings, status on/off. • Press briefly: back a page.
  • Page 24: Games And Applications

    You can use the browser to download applica- tions (e.g. ringtones, games, pictures, anima- tions) from the Internet. Siemens excludes all warranty and liability claims in respect of or in connection with any applica- tions subsequently installed by the customer and any software not included in the original delivery package.
  • Page 25: Setup

    Car Kit If an original Siemens Car Kit is used, the profile is switched on automatically as soon as the phone is inserted into the cra- dle.
  • Page 26: Phone Pilot

    Wallpaper Set wallpaper graphic for display. Logo Choose picture to be displayed instead of the provider logo. Colour skin Select colour scheme, incl. background image for the entire user interface Screensaver The screensaver shows a picture in the 2nd display when a period set by you has elapsed.
  • Page 27: Call Setup

    Call setup ¢ ¢ Call setup ¢ Select function. Hide ID If activated, your phone number will not appear on the other party’s display (de- pending on the service providers). Call waiting If you are registered for this service, you can check whether it is set and you can activate/deactivate it.
  • Page 28 WAP. The phone default setting varies from service provider to service provider: You will receive any data necessary from the service provider or via the "Setting Configurator" at: mobilephonescustomercare HTTP profile The phone default setting varies from service provider to service provider. Con-...
  • Page 29 Rec. voice/fax Start the required communication pro- gram on your PC and select the function on the phone during the call (the PC will take over the connection). Rec. fax/data The call is signalled by a special ringtone and the type of call (fax or data) is dis- played.
  • Page 30: Fast Access Key

    Car loudspk. Improves playback in certain circumstances. Headset Only in conjunction with an original Siemens headset. If an original Siemens Headset is used the profile is automati- cally activated when the headset is plugged in. Auto answer (factory default: off)
  • Page 31: Organiser

    My menu ¢ §My menu§ Set up your own menu. The list of 10 entries is preset, but can be changed. Change menu You can replace each entry (1–10) with another entry from the selection list. Select entry and press §Change§...
  • Page 32: Extras

    Dictat.machine Use the dictating machine to record short voice memos. New recording Select <Record new>. Press brief beep, say the text. Pause/recording alternately. End recording. The recording is automatically saved with a time stamp. Rename Playback Select the desired recording. Playback/pause, alternately.
  • Page 33: Alarm Clock

    Some settings must be made by the user or can be copied from your service provid- er. You can find further information in the full version of the user guide at ¢ Records Push to talk Activate/deactivate push to talk.
  • Page 34: Unit Converter

    Set the time for the alarm call (hh:mm). Press to navigate to the various days. Press to display options: alarm call time and days. Press to set days for alarm calls. Press and hold to highlight/unhighlight all the days. Press to confirm setting.
  • Page 35: My Stuff

    Remote synchronisation ¢ ¢ Remote syncr. Synchronise externally saved data (addresses, calendar etc.) with data on the phone. Synchronise Select computer, start §Sync§ synchronisation. Scroll through the various §Next§ displays. Sync. Setting You can choose between 5 profiles. Device manag. ¢...
  • Page 36: Accessories

    Headset Purestyle HHS-610 Car Kit Portable HKP-500 Flash IFL-600 Data Cable DCA-500 Data Cable USB DCA-510 Data Cable USB DCA-540 SyncStation DSC-510 Products can be obtained in specialist shops. Siemens Original Accessories For more detailed product information please see:
  • Page 37: Customer Care

    (IMEI, to display press ware version (to display, press §More§) and if available, your Siemens Service customer number. You can also get personal advice about our range of products on our Premium Hotline: United Kingdom ...
  • Page 38 Customer Care Philippines ...0 27 57 11 18 Poland...08 01 30 00 30 Portugal ...8 08 20 15 21 Qatar...04 32 20 10 Romania ...02 12 09 99 66 Russia...8 80 02 00 10 10 Saudi Arabia ...0 22 26 00 43 Serbia ...01 13 07 00 80 Singapore ...62 27 11 18 Slovak Republic ...02 59 68 22 66...
  • Page 39: Care And Maintenance

    After six months, if the battery is clearly suffering from loss of performance, we recommend that your replace it. Please buy only Siemens origi- nal batteries. Display quality declaration...
  • Page 40: Product Data

    Product data Declaration of conformity Siemens Information and Communication mobile hereby declares that the phone described in this user guide is in compli- ance with the essential requirements and other relevant provisions of European Di- rective 1999/5/EC (R&TTE). The declara- tion of conformity (DoC) concerned has been signed.
  • Page 41: Sar

    'hands-free' device to keep the mobile phone away from the head and body. Additional Information can be found on the web- sites of the World Health Organization or Siemens
  • Page 42: Guarantee

    • In the case of new devices and their compo- nents exhibiting defects resulting from manufac- turing and/or material faults within 24 months of purchase, Siemens shall, at its own option and free of charge, either replace the device with an- other device reflecting the current state of the art, or repair the said device.
  • Page 43 Guarantee default becoming evident. • Ownership of devices or components replaced by and returned to Siemens shall vest in Sie- mens. • This Guarantee shall apply to new devices pur- chased in the European Union. For Products...
  • Page 44: License Agreement

    Agreement and agree to be bound by all of the terms and conditions stated below. You further agree that if Siemens or any licensor of Siemens ("Licensor") is required to engage in any proceed- ing, legal or otherwise, to enforce their rights under...
  • Page 45 Licensed Software, all back up copies and all relat- ed materials provided to You by Siemens. Your li- cense rights terminate automati-cally and immedi- ately without notice if You fail to comply with any provision of this Agreement.
  • Page 46 Notwithstanding anything to the contrary in this Agreement, Siemens and/or its licensors may enforce its rights, including but not limited to copyright, trademark or trade names, in...
  • Page 47: Menu Tree

    Menu tree > Show entries Default book New entry Business card Groups Default book <Info numbers> > Call records Calls missed Calls received Calls dialled Delete records Durat/charges > Surf & fun URL/service provider Games Applications Downl. assist. Bookmarks Internet Camera >...
  • Page 48 > Calendar Organiser Appointments Tasks Notes Missed appts. Dictat.machine Time zones Calendar setup > Extras SIM services Push to talk Alarm clock Sound recorder Calculator Unit converter Stopwatch Countdown Device manag. Remote syncr. My stuff > Profiles Setup Themes Display Ringtones Phone Pilot Call setup...
  • Page 49: Index

    Index Additional books ... 16 Addressbook Dial entry... 15 Groups ... 15 New entry ... 15 Read entry ... 15 Aircraft mode... 24 Alarm (alarm clock)... 32 Alarm clock... 32 All calls (diversion)... 26 All incoming (barrings) ... 28 Answering service (external) ... 21 Any to answer...
  • Page 50 E-mail Receive/read ... 21 Settings... 21 Write ... 21 Emergency number ... 8 Extras ... 31 Factory settings ... 27 Fast access... 29 Fast search ... 29 Filter... 26 Formatting (telephone memory) ... 26 Frequency range... 29 Games and applications ... 23 GPRS...
  • Page 51 Phonebook Additional books... 16 Call an entry ... 16 New entry ... 15 Protected SIM ... 16 VIP numbers ... 16 Pictures & sounds (SMS)... 18 Change... 11 Control ... 11 Enter ... 8 PIN2 ... 11 Preferred network... 28 Preventing accidental activation...

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