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Battery And Charging - Siemens C30 User Manual

Siemens mobile phone user guide
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Battery and charging

Insert battery
Remove battery
Remove the battery lid (1) by
Remove the battery lid by slid-
sliding it downwards.
ing it downwards.
Lift the lower part (1) of the
battery and remove it.
Insert the battery by placing
first the upper part (2) and
then the lower part (3) in the
Slide the battery lid in place.
Getting started
Charge battery
Facts & Tips
• When removing the battery, your
phone should always be switched off.
• The on/off key is the left-hand func-
tion key on your phone
Getting started
Insert the charger plug in the
bottom of the telephone, and
it will start charging immedi-
After 1.5-2 hours the battery
will be fully charged.
Facts & Tips
• During charging, the two bars in the
battery indicator on the phone display
will be flashing. It might, however
take about 5 minuttes before you can
see these symbols in your display.
• When the battery is fully charged,
the bars in the battery indicator will
stop flashing.
• To obtain optimum battery perform-
ance in daily use, wait until the bat-
tery is discharged before recharging
to full capacity.
• Your phone needs recharging, when
there are no more black bars shown
in the battery indicator in the top of
the display.



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