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Extra Phone Books - Siemens C30 User Manual

Siemens mobile phone user guide
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Extra phone books

Fixed numbers
Enter the List menu
With the help of this extra phone
by pressing
book you can restrict the use of
Select one of the below
your phone only to numbers
mentioned options
stored in this special phone book.
This phone book is operated in
Depending on your SIM card you
exactly the same way as your ordi-
may have some of the following
nary phone book giving you the
extra phone books. These phone
possibility of finding, adding, edit-
books will be visible in your display
ing and deleting the entries.
only if they are available and
To activate/deactivate fixed dial-
ling see the setup menu p. 40.
List menu
Barred numbers
Info numbers
In this phone book you can store
Numbers stored in this phone book
numbers to which you do not
are typically numbers for taxis, air-
allow any calls. This phone book is
ports, hotels, weather, news, etc.
also operated in exactly the same
The contents are defined by your
way as your ordinary phone book.
network operator and cannot be
To activate/deactivate barred
changed by you.
dialling see the setup menu p. 40.
Service numbers
Own numbers
This service number phone book
This is simply an extra phone book
typically contains customer care,
where you can store your own
hotline service numbers, etc. The
telephone number(s). How many
contents are defined by your net-
numbers you can store depends
work operator and cannot be
on your SIM card.
changed by you.
This phone book is also operated
Your network operator might have
in the same way as your ordinary
given this phone book another
phone book.
List menu
Facts & Tips
• Remember that the availability of
these extra phone books depends on
your SIM card.
• In order to make use of fixed and
barred numbers you need to have a
PUK2 code from your network opera-
tor and to use a PIN2 code of your
own choice.



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