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Communication With The Cpu; Data Point Configuration; Configuring The Data Point Names - Siemens CP 1243-1 PCC Operating Instructions Manual

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Communication with the CPU

Communication with the CPU > "Data buffer size"
● Data buffer size
Here, you set the size of the send buffer for events.
A maximum of 64 000 events divided up equally among all the communications partners
can be buffered.
You will find details of how the send buffer works (storing and sending events) as well as the
options for transferring data in the section Ethernet interface (X1) > Advanced options
(Page 44).

Data point configuration

Configuring the data point names

Character set for data point names
When a data point is created, the name of the PLC tag is initially adopted. In the "General"
tab of the data point you can change the name of the data point.
When assigning the name, only the following ASCII characters can be used: ASCII
characters 0x20 ... 0x7e with the exception of the characters listed below.
The following characters are forbidden since they do not adhere to the syntax rules of the
operation center for OPC items:
● 0x27 (apostrophe)
● 0x2e (period)
● 0x2f (slash)
● 0x5b and 0x5d (square brackets)
● 0x5c (backslash)
● 0x7c (pipe)
Siemens Automation
CP 1243-1 PCC
Operating Instructions, 02/2015, C79000-G8976-C384-01
5.11 STEP 7 configuration of individual parameters
Configuration and operation


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