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Address And Authentication Information - Siemens CP 1243-1 PCC Operating Instructions Manual

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Address and authentication information

IP address of the CP
Since the CP always establishes the connection to the operation center, a dynamic IP
address can be assigned to the CP by the Internet service provider.
Address and authentication information for the Plant Cloud Communication
The following information is required for the STEP 7 configuration of the CP for the
Plant Cloud Communication with the operation center :
Parameters in the "Operation center" parameter group
● Operation center address
URL address via which the operation center is connected to the Internet.
Parameters in the "Security" -> "Operation center" parameter group
● Operation center number
The operation center number for the relevant operation center is assigned automatically
by the system when Plant Cloud Communication is enabled.
● Operation center key
You obtain the Operation center key from the operator of the operation center. Copy the
key to the input box "Operation center key".
Importing the certificate with encrypted transfer
To be able to use encrypted transfer, you need to load the relevant certificate in the
certificate manager of STEP 7. You receive the certificate from the provider of the operation
To import the certificate, follow these steps:
1. Save the certificate from your operation center operator in the file system of the
engineering station.
2. In STEP 7, select the entry "Global security settings > Certificate manager" in the "Project
3. Change to the "Trusted certificates and root certification authorities" tab.
4. Select any row in the table "Trusted certificates and root certification authorities".
5. Select the "Import" entry in the shortcut menu.
6. In the dialog that follows, select the required certificate.
Siemens Automation
CP 1243-1 PCC
Operating Instructions, 02/2015, C79000-G8976-C384-01
Configuration and operation
5.3 Address and authentication information


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