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Other Services And Properties - Siemens CP 1243-1 PCC Operating Instructions Manual

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Other services and properties

Other services and properties
● Data point configuration
Due to the data point configuration in STEP 7, programming program blocks in order to
transfer the process data is unnecessary. The individual data points are processed 1:1 in
the operation center.
● IP configuration - IPv4 and IPv6
The essential features of IP configuration for the CP:
– The CP supports IP addresses according to IPv4 and IPv6.
– IP address assignment:
● Time-of-day synchronization
– If Plant Cloud Communication is enabled, the CP can obtain its local time as UTC time
For more information, refer to the section Time-of-day synchronization (Page 40).
● Data buffering: Storage of event data
If a connection fails, the CP can buffer the data of events of different classes and transfer
them bundled to the operation center.
● Data transfer: triggered
The Plant Cloud Communication with the operation center is started in the following way:
– Triggered by various selectable criteria.
● Analog value processing
Analog values can be preprocessed on the CP according to various methods.
Siemens Automation
CP 1243-1 PCC
Operating Instructions, 02/2015, C79000-G8976-C384-01
For applications in IPv6 networks, an IPv6 address can be used in addition to an IPv4
The IP address, the subnet mask and the address of a gateway can be set manually
in the configuration.
As an alternative, the IP address can be obtained from a DHCP server or by other
means outside the configuration.
from the operation center or using NTP or NTP (secure). The time of day can be read
from the CPU. For the communication with an operation center, give preference to the
secure method NTP (secure). The mechanisms are described in the STEP 7
information system.
For information on the format of the time stamp, refer to the section Datapoint types
(Page 33).
Application and properties
1.4 Other services and properties


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