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Ducati DIAVEL Owner's Manual Page 83

Diavel series.
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The relation of the DTC intervention level to the circuit
If all the corners on the track/circuit can be taken at a
similar speed, it will be easier to find an intervention
level that is satisfactory for every bend; on the other
hand, if the track has, for example, one corner that is
much slower than all the others, it will be necessary
to find a compromise level (on the slow corner the
DTC will tend to kick in more than on the faster
The relation of the DTC intervention level to riding
The DTC will tend to kick in more with a "smooth"
riding style, where the bike is leaned over further,
rather than with a "rough" style, where the bike is
straightened up as quickly as possible when exiting a
Tips for use on the track
We recommend that level 8 is used for a couple of
full laps (to allow the tyres to warm up) in order to get
used to the system. Then try levels 7, 6, etc., in
succession until you identify the DTC sensitivity level
that suits you best (always try each level for at least
two laps to allow the tyres to warm up).
Once you have found a satisfactory setting for all the
corners except one or two slow ones, where the
system tends to kick in and control too much, you can
try to modify your riding style slightly to a more
"rough" approach to cornering i.e. straighten up more
rapidly on exiting the corner, instead of immediately
trying a different level setting.
Tips for use on the road
Activate the DTC, select level 8 and ride the
motorcycle in your usual style; if the level of DTC
sensitivity seems excessive, try reducing the setting
to level 7, 6, etc., until you find the level that suits you
If changes occur in the grip conditions and/or circuit
characteristics and/or your riding style, and the level
setting is no longer suitable, switch to the next level
up or down and proceed to determine the best
setting (e.g. if with level 7 the DTC intervention
seems excessive, switch to level 6; alternatively, if on
level 7 you cannot perceive any DTC intervention,
switch to level 8).


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