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Dangerous Products - Warnings - Ducati DIAVEL Owner's Manual

Diavel series.
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Dangerous products - warnings

Used engine oil
Prolonged or repeated contact with used engine
oil may cause skin cancer. If working with engine oil
on a daily basis, we recommend washing your hands
thoroughly with soap immediately afterwards. Keep
away from children.
Brake lining debris
Never attempt to clean the brake assembly using
compressed air or a dry brush.
Brake fluid
Spilling brake fluid onto plastic, rubber or
painted parts of the motorcycle may cause damages.
Protect these parts with a clean shop cloth before
proceeding to service the system. Keep away from
The brake fluid used in the brake system is
corrosive. In the event of accidental contact with eyes
or skin, wash the affected area with abundant running
Engine coolant contains ethylene glycol, which may
ignite under particular conditions, producing invisible
flames. Although the flames from burning ethylene
glycol are not visible, they are still capable of causing
severe burns.
Take care not to spill engine coolant on the
exhaust system or engine parts.
These parts may be hot and ignite the coolant, which
will subsequently burn with invisible flames. Coolant
(ethylene glycol) is an irritant and is poisonous when
ingested. Keep away from children. Never remove
the radiator cap when the engine is hot. The coolant
will be scalding hot and is under high pressure.


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