Saving Preset Stations; Recalling A Preset Station - JVC RA-D38B Instruction Manual

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Saving Preset Stations

You can store up to 10 of your favourite stations to the memory. This will
enable you to access your favourite stations quickly and easily.
Presets 1 - 6
To store a preset, you must first be listening to the station that you would
like to save. If you want to store the station in preset positions 1 - 6 press
and hold the Preset (1 - 6) button for 2 seconds. The words <Preset #
stored> will show on the display.
Presets 1 -10
1. Press and hold the 7+ button for 2 seconds. The <Save to P7> list will
show on the display.
2. Press Tune /Tune button to select the preset position that you
would like to store, and then press Select button to save the station.
The words "Preset # stored" will show on the display.

Recalling a Preset Station

Recall Presets 1 - 6
To recall preset stations that are stored in positions 1-6 just press the
Presets 1-6 button.
Recall Presets 1-10
1. Press 7+ button, the Preset Recall list will be displayed. Press Tune /
Tune button to select your desired preset station number.
2. Press Select button to confirm
If you choose a preset that hasn't been allocated a station, "Preset
Empty" will be displayed.

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Table of Contents

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