Fm Operation; Auto Scan; Manual Tune; Scan Setting - JVC RA-D38B Instruction Manual

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FM Operation

Press and hold Alarm/Mode button repeatedly to select FM mode.

Auto Scan

1. To activate auto scan, press Select button or press and hold Tune /
Tune button to perform auto scan. The display will show "Scanning..."
2. Once a station has been found, the scanning will stop automatically.

Manual Tune

To tune FM frequency manually, press Tune /Tune button repeatedly
until your desired frequency is reached.
Each turn will adjust the frequency by 0.05MHz. If reception is still poor,
adjust the position of the DAB/FM aerial or try moving the radio to
another location.

Scan Setting

In the Scan setting menu you can choose if you want your radio to tune
to Strong Stations Only or select All Stations, and it will try to tune to all
stations, however some may be very weak.
1. In FM mode, press and hold Info/Menu button, and then press Tune
/Tune button to select <Scan Setting>. Press Select button to
2. Press Tune /Tune button to select <Strong Stations Only> or <All
Stations>, then press Select button to confirm.

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