Dab Operation; Full Scan; Secondary Services - JVC RA-D38B Instruction Manual

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DAB Operation

If the unit is connected to the mains power for the first time, the unit will
show "Welcome ! Digital Radio" and then "00:00". Press Standby button to
switch on the unit and perform auto scan. During the scan the display will
show "Scanning..." together with a slide bar that indicates the progress of
the scan and the number of stations that have been found so far.
Once the scan has finished, the unit will select the first alphanumerically
found station. To explore the found stations, press Tune /Tune button
and then Select to confirm selection.

Full Scan

The Full Scan will search for the entire DAB Band III channels. After the scan
has finished, the first alphanumerically found station will be automatically
1. To activate full scan, press and hold Info/Menu button, and then press
Tune /Tune button to select <Full scan>. Press the Select button to
2. The display will show Scanning... and a progressing slide bar.
3. All the stations that have been found will be stored automatically. To
explore and listen to the found stations, press Tune /Tune button
and then Select to confirm selection.

Secondary Services

You may see a
that there are secondary services available to that station. These secondary
services contain extra services that are related to the primary station. e.g. a
sports station may want to add extra commentaries. The secondary services
are inserted directly after the primary station in the station list.
To select the secondary station, press Tune /Tune button on the unit
until you find the secondary service you want, then press Select button on
the unit to select it.
symbol before the name of the station, this indicates

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Table of Contents

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