Turning The Radio On For The First Time - JVC RA-D38B Instruction Manual

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Turning the Radio On for the First Time

1. Fully extend the aerial before plugging the unit into the mains.
2. Connecting the unit to any other power source may damage the unit.
Unwind the mains adapter cable to its full length. Connect the end of the
cable to the DC IN Socket at the rear of the unit and then connect the
mains adapter to the mains socket. Make sure the mains adapter is firmly
inserted into the mains socket. The unit is now connected and ready to
Ensure all connections are connected before connecting to the mains
power socket.
Extend the aerial before switching to
DAB mode for the first time. This will
ensure that the initial scan captures all
stations in your area.
Rear View of the Main Unit
To the mains socket

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Table of Contents

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