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Controls And Connectors (Pgm1); Top Panel - Yamaha PGM1 Installation Manual

Paging station microphone & extension
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Controls and Connectors (PGM1)

Top Panel

q Mic input jack
Connect the included gooseneck mic
(condenser mic) here.
To connect the mic, plug it straight into
the mic input jack.
To remove the mic, pull the mic upward
while pressing an ejector tool (a thin
metal rod of about  2, or a very thin
screwdriver) into the hole located above
the mic input jack. When doing so, firmly
grasp the base of the mic's connector.
• Because the phantom power supply is
always on, you should connect the mic
when power is not being supplied to the
• Do not connect any mic or device other
than the included mic.
8 PGM1/PGX1 Installation Manual
w Zone/message select buttons
These buttons select the zone(s) to which
the mic will broadcast, or select mes-
sages saved on the SD card. Use MTX-
MRX Editor to assign zones or messages
to these buttons. More than one broad-
cast zone can be selected at the same
time. Only one message can be selected.
For details on how to make settings, refer
to "MTX-MRX Editor User Guide."
e Zone/message indicators
These indicators light to indicate the cur-
rently selected zone(s) or message.
r Status indicator
This indicator is lit green when broadcast
from the mic is possible. During broad-
cast, the indicator is lit red. For other indi-
cations, refer to page 17.
t PTT (Push To Talk) button
Press this button to switch the mic on/off.
You can use MTX-MRX Editor to change
the operation of this button between
latched and unlatched.
y Labels
Labels with the name of each zone can
be inserted here. You can create labels
using PGM1 Label Creator which is
included with MTX-MRX Editor.



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