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Yamaha PGM1 Installation Manual page 5

Paging station microphone & extension
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To avoid the possibility of malfunction/ dam-
age to the product, damage to data, or dam-
age to other property, follow the notices
Handling and maintenance
• Do not use the device in the vicinity of a TV,
radio, AV equipment, mobile phone, or other
electric devices. Otherwise, the device, TV,
or radio may generate noise.
• Do not expose the device to excessive dust
or vibration, or extreme cold or heat (such
as in direct sunlight, near a heater, or in a
car during the day), in order to prevent the
possibility of panel disfiguration, unstable
operation, or damage to the internal compo-
• Do not place vinyl, plastic or rubber objects
on the device, since this might discolor the
• When cleaning the device, use a dry and
soft cloth. Do not use paint thinners, sol-
vents, cleaning fluids, or chemical-impreg-
nated wiping cloths.
• Condensation can occur in the device due to
rapid, drastic changes in ambient tempera-
ture—when the device is moved from one
location to another, or air conditioning is
turned on or off, for example. Using the
device while condensation is present can
cause damage. If there is reason to believe
that condensation might have occurred,
leave the device for several hours without
turning on the power until the condensation
has completely dried out.
About functions/data bundled with
the device
• Use STP (Shielded Twisted Pair) cable to
prevent electromagnetic interference.
• This product uses Dante Ultimo. Refer to the
Audinate website (English) for details on the
open‐source licenses for the particular soft-
Regarding disposal
• This product contains recyclable compo-
nents. When disposing of this product,
please contact the appropriate local authori-
About this manual
• The illustrations as shown in this manual are
for instructional purposes only.
• The company names and product names in
this manual are the trademarks or registered
trademarks of their respective companies.
• Software may be revised and updated with-
out prior notice.
The model number, serial number, power
requirements, etc., may be found on or
near the name plate, which is at the bot-
tom of the unit.
You should note this serial number in the
space provided below and retain this
manual as a permanent record of your
purchase to aid identification in the event
of theft.
Model No.
Serial No.
PGM1/PGX1 Installation Manual



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