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Introduction; Features; What You'll Need To Provide - Yamaha PGM1 Installation Manual

Paging station microphone & extension
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Thank you for purchasing the Yamaha PGM1 paging station microphone or the PGX1
paging station extension. These products are a paging station microphone and an exten-
sion unit used in an installed system for on-premises broadcast. This installation manual
explains installation methods for the installing technician or the designer. Be sure to
read this installation manual before installing the units. After reading this manual, keep
it for future reference.


The PGM1/PGX1 are paging stations that can be used with the MTX5-D or MRX7-D. They pro-
vide the following features.
• Paging stations can be networked via a Dante network and PoE (Power over Ethernet).
• Chimes and messages can be played back using an SD card player.
• Two PGX1 units can be added for each PGM1 unit, allowing you to specify broadcast
regions in detail and to select from numerous messages.
• You can use MTX-MRX Editor to install up to four PGM1 units in one MTX/MRX system. One
of these PGM1 units can be specified as the priority mic.

What you'll need to provide

• PoE injector or PoE network switch that supports IEEE802.3af
This is used between the MTX/MRX system and the PGM1 in order to supply power to the
PGM1 and the PGX1.
PoE injector units and PoE network switches are collectively referred to as "PSE (Power
Sourcing Equipment)."
• Ethernet cables (CAT5e or better)
These are used between the MTX/MRX system and the PSE, and between the PSE and the
• Phillips screwdriver
This is used when connecting a PGX1.
PGM1/PGX1 Installation Manual



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