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Alert List - Yamaha PGM1 Installation Manual

Paging station microphone & extension
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Alert list

The following table lists the alerts generated by the PGM1/PGX1, their meaning, and the
appropriate action to take.
When the status indicator flashes alternately in green and orange, the contents of the alert
message are indicated at the position of the flashing zone / message indicator. The upper left
zone / message indicator is set to alert number 1, and the lower right zone / message indicator
is set to alert number 8.
If the problem cannot be solved, contact your Yamaha dealer listed at the end of this manual.
Flashing zone/
message indicator
(alert number)
18 PGM1/PGX1 Installation Manual
The device has not started
up correctly.
The data saved in internal
memory has been lost.
Duplicate IP addresses.
IP address was not set
within 60 seconds of
The UNIT ID is set to "00."
Devices with identical UNIT
IDs were found connected
within the same network.
Turn off the power of the PSE, then turn on after
waiting at least 6 seconds. If this does not solve
the problem, please initialize the PGM1. Should
this also fails, contact your Yamaha dealer.
Change the IP addresses or UNIT ID so that there
are no duplicates.
Please check rear panel DIP switch 6 (IP SET-
TING). If DIP switch 6 is set to "PC," use the sys-
tem's dedicated application software or the DHCP
server to specify the device IP address.
Set the UNIT ID to something other than "00."
Change the UNIT ID so that there are no dupli-



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