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Using The Crown; Hand And Day Indicator Movement; Solar Charging - Casio Oceanus OCW-G2000S-1A Operation Manual


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Using the Crown

Depending on the operation you want to
perform, pull out the crown to the first or
second click and then rotate it.
Normal timekeeping
Second click
First click
To prevent loss of water resistance
and/or damage due to impact, be
sure to push the crown in to its
normal position after you are
finished using it.
When pushing the crown back in,
take care not to apply too much
Fast Forward/Fast Reverse
After pulling out the crown to the first or second
click, rotating it quickly in succession in either
direction will start a fast forward or fast reverse
operation. While a fast forward operation is in
progress, quickly rotating the crown in
succession again will increase the speed even
The fast reverse operation speed is fixed
and cannot be changed.
Stopping Fast Forward/Fast Reverse
Rotate the crown in the direction opposite that
of the ongoing operation or press any button.
If you do not perform any operation
for about two minutes after pulling
out the crown, crown operations will
automatically become disabled. If
that happens, push the crown back
in and then pull it out again.
Operation Guide 5501
Hand and Day Indicator
Day of the week hand
Day of the Week and Day Indicator
Changing the day setting of the watch will also
cause the day of the week hand to move in
conjunction with the day.
It can take anywhere from about 10 to 40
seconds for the day indicator to change after
timekeeping reaches midnight. The day of
the week hand will move as the day indicator
The day may not be indicated correctly while
the watch's crown is pulled out.

Solar Charging

This watch runs on power supplied from a
rechargeable (secondary) battery that is
charged by a solar panel. The solar panel is
integrated into the face of the watch, and
power is generated whenever the face is
exposed to light.
Charging the Watch
When you are not wearing the watch, put it in
a location where it is exposed to bright light.
While you are wearing the watch, make sure
that its face (solar panel) is not blocked from
the light by the sleeve of your clothing. Power
generation efficiency is reduced even when
the face of the watch is blocked only partially.
Day indicator
Depending on light intensity and
local conditions, the watch may
become hot to the touch when
exposed to light for charging. Take
care to avoid burn injury after
charging. Also, avoid charging the
watch under high-temperature
conditions like the ones described
On the dashboard of a vehicle
parked in the sun
Near an incandescent light bulb or
other source of heat
Under direct sunlight or in other
hot areas for long periods
Checking the Charge Level
Enter the Timekeeping Mode.
Navigating Between Modes
Press (B).
This will cause the disk to show the current
charge level.
H: Good (high)
M: Good (medium)
L: Insufficient (low)
Press (B) or do not perform any operation
for one or two seconds to return to the
current time.
Remaining Charge and Dead Battery
You can determine if the charge level is low by
checking the hand movement. Functions
become disabled as battery power goes low.
Should battery go low or go dead,
expose the face (solar panel) to light
as soon as possible.
Exposing the watch face to light after
the battery goes dead will cause the
second hand to revolve
counterclockwise until it stops at
second 57. This indicates charging
has started.

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