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Casio Oceanus OCW-G1000 Operation Manual

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Basic Operations
This section provides an overview of the watch
and its operations.
The illustrations included in this
manual have been created to
facilitate explanation. An illustration
may differ somewhat from the item it

General Guide

① ②
⑦ ⑧
A Hour hand
B Second hand
C Minute hand
D 24-hour hand
E Small minute hand
F Small hour hand
G Mode hand
H Day indicator
I Crown
Operation Guide 5412
Watch Face Items
A Time calibration reception in progress
B GPS signal time information and position
information acquisition in progress
C GPS signal time information reception in
D Signal receive result
E Summer time setting
F Stopwatch Mode
G Airplane Mode
H Day of the week
Navigating Between Modes
This watch has a Timekeeping Mode and a
Stopwatch Mode.
Timekeeping Mode
Timekeeping Mode :
Normally the mode hand points to the current
day of the week.
In the Airplane Mode, the mode hands points
to h.
Stopwatch Mode :
The mode hand always points to "STW", even
in the Airplane Mode.
Use the (C) button to navigate between
Hold down (C) for at least two seconds to
return to the Timekeeping Mode.
Holding down (C) for four seconds or longer
will enter or exit the Airplane Mode.
Using the Watch on an Aircraft
Stopwatch Mode
Mode hand

Using the Crown

Depending on the operation you want to
perform, pull out the crown to the first or
second click and then rotate it.
First click
Second click
Normal position
To prevent loss of water resistance
and/or damage due to impact, be
sure to push the crown in to its
normal position after you are
finished using it.
When pushing the crown back in,
take care not to apply too much
Fast Forward/Fast Reverse
After pulling out the crown, rotating it quickly
in succession in either direction will start a fast
forward or fast reverse operation. While a fast
forward operation is in progress, quickly
rotating the crown in succession again will
increase the speed even further.
The fast reverse operation speed is fixed
and cannot be changed.
Stopping Fast Forward/Fast Reverse
Rotate the crown in the direction opposite that
of the ongoing operation or press any button.
If you do not perform any operation
for about two minutes after pulling
out the crown, crown operations will
automatically become disabled. If
that happens, push the crown back
in and then pull it out again.



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  • Page 1: Using The Crown

    © 2014 CASIO COMPUTER CO., LTD. MA1710-EG Operation Guide 5412 Basic Operations Watch Face Items Using the Crown This section provides an overview of the watch Depending on the operation you want to ① perform, pull out the crown to the first or and its operations.
  • Page 2: Solar Charging

    (secondary) battery replacement by power is generated whenever the face is Charge Level 1 : your original retailer or authorized exposed to light. CASIO service center. Time from dead battery until hand movement This watch uses a special rechargeable ● starts Depending on light intensity and ●...
  • Page 3: Time Adjustment (Gps, Time Calibration Signal)

    Operation Guide 5412 Time Adjustment (GPS, Low Battery Power ● Time Adjustment Using GPS Time Calibration 4 o'clock 6 o'clock Appropriate Signal Reception Signal) Location The watch’s time, day, and Home City (time GPS signal reception is possible outdoors zone) settings can be configured in where the sky is visible and not blocked by accordance with a received GPS signal or buildings, trees, or other objects.
  • Page 4: Acquiring Gps Time Information Manually

    Operation Guide 5412 Getting ready Getting ready Note The receive operation is performed only while The receive operation is performed only while the watch is in the Timekeeping Mode (normal the watch is in the Timekeeping Mode (normal Reception takes anywhere from ●...
  • Page 5: Leap Second Reception

    Operation Guide 5412 Auto GPS Signal Receive Time Calibration Signal Reception Time Adjustment Using a Ranges Time Calibration Signal When the conditions below are satisfied, the watch will automatically receive a GPS signal. Time calibration signal reception is supported If any time information receive is successful, in the areas shown below.
  • Page 6: Using Watch On Aircraft

    Operation Guide 5412 Using the Watch on an Auto Time Calibration Signal Press (B) or do not perform any operation Receive Aircraft for one or two seconds to return to the An automatic time calibration signal receive current time. Enter the Airplane Mode when in an aircraft or operation is performed and the time and day anywhere else where GPS or time calibration settings are adjusted between midnight and...
  • Page 7: Adjusting Time Settings Manually

    Operation Guide 5412 Stopwatch Adjusting Time Rotate the crown to change the time zone. Settings Manually The small hour hand and small minute The stopwatch measures elapsed time in units hand indicate the current time in the of 1/20 (0.05) seconds up to 23 minutes, 59.95 You can use the procedure below to adjust the selected time zone.
  • Page 8: Summer Time

    Operation Guide 5412 Adjusting the Time and Day Pull out the crown to the second click. Press (C). Setting This changes to the month setting The second hand will move to the operation. currently selected time zone. Pull out the crown to the second click. The second hand will move to the currently selected time zone.
  • Page 9: Adjusting Hand And Day Indicator Alignment

    Operation Guide 5412 Adjusting Hand and Moving To Another Press (C). Day Indicator Time Zone Confirm that the mode hand is stopped at Alignment 12 o’clock. Use the procedure below to easily change day and time settings of the watch to a destination Mode hand Strong magnetism or impact can cause the location.
  • Page 10: Other Information

    Operation Guide 5412 Other Information Second Summer Time Summer Time City City Name City Name Hand Start code Offset Position 02:00, last 01:00, last City (Time Zone) List New York Second 50 -5 London Sunday in Sunday in March October (Caracas) Second 51 -4.5 A time zone for which no city name is...
  • Page 11: Function Limitations

    Operation Guide 5412 Signal Reception (Time Function Limitations The signal receive operation always Calibration Signal) fails. How temperature affects watch ● functions Is the watch in a location that is appropriate The watch cannot perform a receive for signal reception? This functions below are disabled while the operation.
  • Page 12 Operation Guide 5412 Crown Operations The signal receive operation always The hands suddenly start moving at fails. high speed. Nothing happens when I rotate the This is due to one of the reasons below, and Is the watch in a location that is appropriate crown.