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Disconnecting From A Phone; Unpairing; If You Purchase Another Phone; Adjusting Time Settings Manually - Casio Oceanus OCW-G2000S-1A Operation Manual


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If you have problems establishing a
connection, it could mean that
OCEANUS Connected is not
running on the phone. On the
phone's home screen, tap the
"OCEANUS Connected" icon. After
the app starts up, hold down the
watch's (C) button for about 2.5
The connection will be terminated if
you do not perform any operation on
the watch or phone for a fixed
amount of time.
To specify the connection limit time,
perform the following operation with
OCEANUS Connected: "Watch
settings"n"Connection time". Next,
select a setting of 3 minutes, 5
minutes, or 10 minutes.

Disconnecting from a Phone

Pressing any button terminates the Bluetooth
connection and returns the second hand to its
normal operation.
After disconnection


X If the watch is connected with a phone,
press any button to terminate the
After disconnection
Y On the Home Screen, tap the
"OCEANUS Connected" icon.
Y Perform the operation shown on the
phone screen to unpair.
Operation Guide 5501
If you are unable to re-pair the watch
with a phone after unpairing them,
use the procedure below to delete
pairing information from the watch
and then perform the pairing
operation again.
A X Pull out the crown to the second
B X Hold down (B) for about 10
This deletes the pairing information.
The second hand will point to "C".
C X Push the crown back in.

If you purchase another phone

You need to perform the pairing operation
whenever you want to establish a Bluetooth
connection with a phone for the first time.
C Pair the watch with a phone.
If your previous phone is near the
watch while you are trying to pair with
a new phone, the watch will pair with
the previous phone, which makes it
impossible to pair with the new
phone. If this happens, use the
procedure below to delete the
previous pairing information from the
watch. Also, unregister the watch
from the phone you will no longer
connect with.
A X Pull out the crown to the second
B X Hold down (B) for about 10
This deletes the pairing information.
The second hand will point to "C".
C X Push the crown back in.
Adjusting Time
Settings Manually
You can use the procedure below to adjust the
watch's time and day settings when GPS and
time calibration signal reception is not
possible, or communication with a phone is
not possible for some reason.

Setting a Home Time City

Use the procedure in this section to select a
city to use as your Home City. If you are in an
area that observes summer time, you can also
enable or disable summer time.
The initial factory default summer
time setting for all cities is "AT
(AUTO)". In many cases, the "AT
(AUTO)" setting lets you use the
watch without switching between
summer time and standard time.
In the cases described below,
receiving GPS position information
will automatically cause "AT
(AUTO)" to be selected for the
summer time setting.
When the home city of the current
receive operation is different from
the watch's home city setting prior
to the receive operation.
When the Home City is
unchanged, but the acquired
location information is for a
geographic area with different
summer time rules (start date, end

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