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Checking The Last Time Adjustment Method Used; Using The Watch In A Medical Facility Or Aircraft; Time Adjustment; Calibration Signal - Casio Oceanus OCW-G2000S-1A Operation Manual


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Checking the Last Time
Adjustment Method Used
Enter the Timekeeping Mode.
Navigating Between Modes
Press (B).
The second hand will indicate the last time
adjustment operation result. The watch
hands will return to indicating the current
time if you do not perform any operation
for nine or ten seconds.
"Y(YES)": Last time adjustment operation
"N(NO)": Last time adjustment operation
The day of the week hand indicates
details about the receive (acquisition)
"P": Time information and location
information (GPS signal), connection with
a phone
"N": Time information (GPS signal) or time

calibration signal

Second hand
Day of the week hand
Even if there was a successful
receive operation, the second hand
will point to "N(NO)" if you adjusted
the time setting manually.
If you do not perform any watch
operation for about one or two
seconds after location information is
acquired, or after the watch
establishes a connection with a
phone and synchronizes its time
setting, the watch will show the
acquired Home City's time zone.
Home City
Time zone
Operation Guide 5501
Using the Watch in a Medical
Facility or Aircraft
Whenever you are in a hospital, on an aircraft,
or in any other location where auto signal
receive or connection with a phone may cause
problems, you can perform the procedure
below to disable it (Airplane Mode). To re-
enable auto time adjustment, perform the
same operation again.
Enter the Timekeeping Mode.
Navigating Between Modes
Press (B).
The second hand will indicate the last
receive result for nine or ten seconds. If
location information was received, the
second hand will indicate the Home City
time zone after indicating the receive
Within 10 seconds after pressing (B)
above, pull out the crown to the first click.
If more than 10 seconds elapse before
you pull out the crown after you press
(B), the second hand will return to
indicating seconds. If this happens,
press (B) again.
Rotate the crown to enter the Airplane
N(NO): Airplane Mode enabled
Y(YES): Airplane Mode disabled
Push the crown back in.
When the watch is in the Airplane Mode,
the day of the week hand points to h.
Time Adjustment (GPS,
Time Calibration
The watch's time, day, and Home City settings
can be configured in accordance with a
received GPS signal or time calibration signal.
GPS signal (location information): Used to
update Home City, time, and day settings.
GPS signal time information: Used to
update time and day settings.
Time calibration signal: Used to update time
and day settings.
Before trying to receive GPS signal
time information and/or a time
calibration signal, first use GPS to
acquire location information and
configure Home Time settings.
The watch will normally not perform
auto signal receive while it is paired
with a phone. However, auto receive
will be performed if there is no
connection between the watch and
phone for more than one day.
Put the watch into the Airplane Mode
whenever you are inside an aircraft
or in any other area where radio
wave reception is prohibited or
Using the Watch in a Medical
Facility or Aircraft
Areas where time calibration signal
reception is supported are limited.
When the watch in an area where
time calibration signal reception is
not supported, adjust time and day
settings based on GPS signals.
Time Calibration Signal Reception
If the watch does not indicate the
correct time even after it receives a
signal, correct the hand and date
indicator positions.
Using OCEANUS Connected to
Correct Hand Positions
Using Watch Operations to Correct
Hand Positions

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