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Time Adjustment (GPS, Time
Operation Guide 5501
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  • Page 1: Table Of Contents

    © 2017 CASIO COMPUTER CO., LTD. MA1709-EB Operation Guide 5501 Contents Using Mobile Link with a Mobile Other Information Phone City List Basic Operations Getting Ready Summer Time Table A Install the required app on your phone. Watch Face Items Map Data Source B Configure Bluetooth settings.
  • Page 2: Basic Operations

    Operation Guide 5501 Basic Operations Mode Overview E Last signal receive result The second hand points to the letter that This section provides an overview of the watch Timekeeping Mode ● indicates the result of the last time adjustment and its operations. The main hour, minute, and second hands operation by receipt of a signal or connection indicate the current time.
  • Page 3: Using The Crown

    Operation Guide 5501 Using the Crown Hand and Day Indicator Important! Movement Depending on the operation you want to Depending on light intensity and ● perform, pull out the crown to the first or local conditions, the watch may second click and then rotate it. Day indicator become hot to the touch when exposed to light for charging.
  • Page 4: Auto Time Adjustment

    Operation Guide 5501 Low Battery Power Power Saving Normal Use of the Watch ● ● The second hand jumps at two-second Leaving the watch in a dark location for about Your watch automatically receives a time intervals. one hour between the hours of 10 p.m. and 6 calibration signal or GPS signal (time a.m.
  • Page 5: Checking The Last Time Adjustment Method Used

    Operation Guide 5501 Time Adjustment (GPS, Checking the Last Time Using the Watch in a Medical Adjustment Method Used Facility or Aircraft Time Calibration Signal) Whenever you are in a hospital, on an aircraft, Enter the Timekeeping Mode. or in any other location where auto signal Navigating Between Modes The watch’s time, day, and Home City settings receive or connection with a phone may cause...
  • Page 6: Time Adjustment Using Gps

    Operation Guide 5501 Getting ready Time Adjustment Using GPS Note Enter the Timekeeping Mode. Navigating Between Modes Appropriate Signal Reception Reception takes anywhere from ● Location about 30 to 80 seconds. It can take as long as 13 minutes GPS signal reception is possible outdoors ●...
  • Page 7: Receiving A Time Information Automatically

    Operation Guide 5501 Leap Second Reception Time Calibration Signal Reception Hold down (B) for at least 1.5 seconds. Ranges GPS signal reception each year on June 1 or Release the button as soon as the second later and on December 1 or later also receives hand points to “T(TIME)”.
  • Page 8: Auto Time Calibration Signal Receive

    When the watch is unable to adjust its time ● in accordance with a calibration signal for some reason, average timekeeping id=com.casio.premium.oceanus accuracy is within ±15 seconds per month. Note that an internal decoding process the ● watch performs after it receives a signal may B Configure Bluetooth settings.
  • Page 9: Configuring World Time Settings

    Operation Guide 5501 Configuring the Summer Time Setting Configuring World Time ● Note Settings Y Tap the “OCEANUS Connected” icon. If the watch does not indicate the ● Specifying a World Time City with OCEANUS correct time even if is able to connect X Hold down (C) for about 2.5 seconds.
  • Page 10: Adjusting Hand And Day Indicator Alignment

    Operation Guide 5501 Configuring Watch Settings Checking the Watch Charge Y Perform the operation shown on the Level phone screen to swap your Home Time You can use OCEANUS Connected to specify with your World Time. the amount of time until the Bluetooth For example, if your Home City is Tokyo Use the procedure below to check the current and the World Time City is New York, they...
  • Page 11: Disconnecting From A Phone

    Operation Guide 5501 Adjusting Time Important! Note Settings Manually If you have problems establishing a If you are unable to re-pair the watch ● ● You can use the procedure below to adjust the connection, it could mean that with a phone after unpairing them, watch’s time and day settings when GPS and OCEANUS Connected is not use the procedure below to delete...
  • Page 12: Changing Your Home City Time Setting In 15-Minute Steps

    Operation Guide 5501 Changing Your Home City Pull out the crown to the second click. Hold down (C) for about 10 seconds. Time Setting in 15-minute This will cause the disk to shows the This causes the second hand to move to Steps current Home City.
  • Page 13: Checking The Current Home City

    Operation Guide 5501 World Time Press (C). Rotate the crown to change the World Time City. The day of the week hand will move World Time lets you look up the current time slightly, indicating that the day setting in any one of 39 cities around the globe, and The small hour and minute hands will operation is enabled.
  • Page 14: Changing The World Time Setting In 15-Minute Steps

    Operation Guide 5501 Stopwatch Changing the World Time Swapping Your Home City Setting in 15-minute Steps Time and World Time The stopwatch measures elapsed time in units of one second up to 23 hours, 59 minutes, 59 If the city you want is not available on the Holding down (A) for about three seconds will seconds (24 hours).
  • Page 15: Adjusting Hand And Day Indicator Alignment

    Operation Guide 5501 Adjusting Hand and If the small hour hand and small minute Press (C). Day Indicator hand are not at 12 o’clock, rotate the Confirm that the day indicator shows 1. Alignment crown to align them correctly. Press (C). Strong magnetism or impact can cause the Confirm that the disk is positioned so hands and/or the day indicator to go out of...
  • Page 16: Moving To Another Time Zone

    Operation Guide 5501 Moving to Another Time Other Information Summer Time Table Zone This section provides non-operational When “AT (AUTO)” is selected for a city that information you also need to know. Refer to observes summer time, switching between Use the procedure below to easily change day this information as required.
  • Page 17: Map Data Source

    JJY (40kHz/60kHz), BPC (68.5kHz), Anchorage Sunday in Sunday in March under applicable radio laws may be a WWVB (60kHz), MSF (60kHz), DCF77 November criminal offense. For details, visit the CASIO (77.5kHz) 02:00, first 02:00, second Website. Last reception result display Sunday in...
  • Page 18: Copyrights And Registered Copyrights

    Operation Guide 5501 Troubleshooting Stopping Radio Wave Emission by This ● The signal receive operation always Watch fails. The watch is emitting radio waves whenever the second hand is pointing to “C”. Signal Reception (GPS) Is the watch in a location that is appropriate Even if the second hand is not pointing at “C”, for signal reception? the watch will automatically attempt to...
  • Page 19 Solar Charging For information about supported phone models, visit the CASIO Website. Minimize movement of the watch and do Is the watch in the Timekeeping Mode? not perform any watch operation while a receive operation is in progress.
  • Page 20 Operation Guide 5501 I can’t reconnect the watch Phone-Watch Connection I can’t connect while the watch is in and phone. the Airplane Mode. I can’t establish a connection Exit the watch’s Airplane Mode. Then hold The watch will not re-connect with the between the phone and watch.
  • Page 21 Operation Guide 5501 Auto Time Adjustment by Hand Movement and Hands are stopped and buttons do Bluetooth Connection (Time Indications not work. Adjustment) The watch is in the charge recovery mode. I don’t know what mode the watch is Wait until the recovery process is complete When does the watch sync its time (for about 15 minutes).

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