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Using The Accessories Supplied - Miele 10354220 User Manual

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Please observe the flooring manu-
facturer's cleaning and care instruc-
Vacuum carpets and rugs with the
brush retracted:
 Press the  foot control.
Clean hard flooring which is not sus-
ceptible to scratching, as well as floor-
ing with gaps or deep crevices in it with
the brush protruding:
 Press the  foot control.
If the suction power of the adjustable
floorhead seems too high, reduce the
suction until the floorhead is easier
to manoeuvre (see "Use - To regulate
the suction power").
To activate the exhaust filter change
Depending on model, your vacuum
cleaner will be fitted as standard with
one of the following exhaust filters (dia.
a AirClean
b Active AirClean 50 (black)
c AirClean Plus 50 (light blue)
d HEPA AirClean 50 (white)
If your vacuum cleaner is fitted with fil-
ter b, c or d, you need to activate the
exhaust filter change indicator.
 Press the release catch for the dust
compartment lid and raise the lid as
far as it will go (dia. 10).
 Remove the indicator strip (dia. 11).
 Press the exhaust filter change indic-
ator (dia. 12).
After approx. 10 - 15 seconds a thin red
line will appear in the left hand side of
the display (dia. 13).
 Close the dust compartment lid se-
curely, making sure it clicks into posi-
tion. Take care not to trap the dust-
bag when doing so.
Exhaust filter change indicator
The exhaust filter change indicator
shows the remaining functional life of
the exhaust filter. After approx. 50 oper-
ating hours, or approx. one year of av-
erage use, the display will be com-
pletely filled with red (dia. 14).

Using the accessories supplied

(dia. 15)
 Crevice nozzle
For cleaning in folds, crevices or
 Dusting brush with natural
(only available for selected coun-
For cleaning skirting boards, or-
nate and carved objects.
The head can be swivelled to ad-
just the angle.
 Upholstery nozzle
For cleaning upholstery, mat-
tresses, cushions, curtains, covers
Some models are supplied as standard
with one of the following accessories
which are not illustrated.
– Turbobrush

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