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When To Change The Thread Lifters; How To Replace The Thread Lifters; Cleaning The Roller On The Allteq Floorhead; Cleaning And Care - Miele 10354220 User Manual

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When to change the thread lifters

The thread lifters on the suction inlet to
the floorhead can be replaced. Check
them from time to time and replace
them if the pile has worn down.

How to replace the thread lifters

(dia. 42 + 43)
 Use a suitable screwdriver to remove
the thread lifters from the slots.
 Fit new thread lifters.
Upholstery nozzle SPD 10 (depending
on model) (dia. 44)
 Disengage the thread lifter unit either
side of the upholstery nozzle using a
 Fit a new thread lifter unit and lock
into position.
Cleaning the roller on the AllTeQ
floorhead (dia. 45)
 Release the bearing (with bayonet fit-
ting) using a coin.
 Press the bearing out, and remove.
 Remove the roller.
 Remove any threads and hair, replace
the roller and refit the bearing, locking
it back into position.
Replacement parts are available from
your Miele Dealer or from Miele (see
end of booklet for contact details).

Cleaning and care

Always disconnect the vacuum
cleaner from the electrical supply be-
fore cleaning it. Switch off at the wall
socket and unplug it.
Vacuum cleaner and accessories
The vacuum cleaner and all plastic ac-
cessories can be cleaned with a propri-
etary cleaner suitable for plastic.
Do not use abrasive cleaning
agents, glass cleaning agents, all-
purpose cleaners or oil-based condi-
tioning agents.
Dust compartment
The dust compartment can, if neces-
sary, be cleaned using a dry duster,
brush or, if available, a second vacuum
cleaner to vacuum the dust out.
Do not let the vacuum cleaner
get wet. If moisture gets into the ap-
pliance, there is a risk of electric

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