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Illustrations; Notes On Delegated Regulation (Eu) No. 665/2013 And 666/2013 - Miele 10354220 User Manual

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Notes on Delegated Regulation
(EU) No. 665/2013 and
This vacuum cleaner is a domestic va-
cuum cleaner and is classified as a uni-
versal vacuum cleaner in accordance
with the above delegated regulations.
These operating instructions, the EU
data sheet and the energy efficiency la-
bel for this vacuum cleaner are available
to download on the Miele website at
The annual energy consumption stated
on the data sheet and on the energy ef-
ficiency label describes the indicative
annual energy consumption (kWh per
year), based on 50 cleaning cycles. Ac-
tual energy consumption depends on
how the vacuum cleaner is used.
All tests and calculations were carried
out according to the following harmon-
ised standards applicable at the time in
due consideration of the published reg-
ulation guidelines of the European
Commission from September 2014:
a) EN 60312-1 Vacuum cleaners for
household use - Part 1: Dry vacuum
cleaners - Methods for measuring the
b) EN 60704-2-1 Household and similar
electrical appliances - Test code for the
determination of airborne acoustical
noise - Part 2-1: Particular requirements
for vacuum cleaners
c) EN 60335-2-2 Household and similar
electrical appliances - Safety - Part 2-2:
Particular requirements for vacuum
cleaner and water suction appliances
Not all floorheads and accessories sup-
plied with the vacuum cleaner are suit-
able for intensive cleaning of carpets or
hard floors as described in the regula-
tions. The following floorheads and set-
tings were used to determine the val-
a) For energy consumption, cleaning
class and sound power level on carpet
the adjustable floorhead supplied was
used in the carpet position (see "Pre-
paring for use").
b) For energy consumption and clean-
ing class on hard floors the adjustable
floorhead supplied was used in the hard
floor position (see "Preparing for use").
If your vacuum cleaner is supplied as
standard with the SRD hard floor brush,
this is designed for intensive vacuuming
of hard floors with gaps and crevices
and will have been used to determine
the above values on hard floors.
The values on the EU data sheet and
the energy efficiency label refer exclus-
ively to the combinations and settings
of floorheads on the different floor sur-
faces described here.
Original Miele dustbags, dust compart-
ment filters and exhaust filters were
used for all measurements.


The illustrations referred to in the text
are shown on the fold-out pages at
the end of these operating instruc-

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