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How The Dustbag Change Indicator Works; How To Replace The Dustbag; When To Change The Dust Compartment Filter (For Motor Protection); How To Change The Dust Compartment Filter - Miele 10354220 User Manual

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How the dustbag change indicator
The dustbag change indicator is set for
normal household dust. This generally
contains a mixture of dust, hair,
threads, carpet fluff, grit etc.
However, if the cleaner has been used
to vacuum up fine dust, such as plaster,
brick dust, cement or flour, the pores of
the dustbag will become blocked very
This affects the air permeability of the
bag, and the marker will indicate that
the bag is "full" even when it is not. If
this happens you must still change the
dustbag because suction power will be
greatly reduced by blocked pores in the
If, on the other hand, a large amount of
hair and carpet fluff which typically con-
tains a lot of air is vacuumed up, the in-
dicator may fail to react even though
the bag is full. You should still change it.
Both these extremes can occur.

How to replace the dustbag

(dia. 32 + 33)
 Press the release buttons at the side
of the hose connector, and lift the
hose from the socket (dia. 02).
 Lift the release catch for the dust
compartment lid and raise the lid as
far as it will go (dia. 10).
The dustbag has a closing flap which
closes automatically when the dust
compartment lid is raised to prevent
any dust escaping.
 Pull the dustbag out by the grip on
the collar.
 Fit the new dustbag into the blue
holder as far as it will go. Leave it fol-
ded up when you take it out of the
 It should be unfolded as far as pos-
sible in the dust compartment.
 Close the dust compartment lid se-
curely, making sure it clicks into posi-
tion. Take care not to trap the dust-
bag when doing so.
The lid will not close without a dust-
bag in place. Do not force it!
 Insert the hose connector into the
suction socket on the vacuum
cleaner until it clicks into position. To
do this, line up the guides on the two
pieces (dia. 01).
When to change the dust compart-
ment filter (for motor protection)
Replace this filter every time you start a
new packet of dustbags. A dust com-
partment filter is supplied with every
packet of Miele dustbags.
How to change the dust compart-
ment filter (dia. 34)
 Open the dust compartment lid.
 Pull the dustbag out by the grip on
the collar.
 Open the blue filter frame fully and
remove the old filter. Hold by the
clean, unsoiled section to remove it.
 Replace with a new dust compart-
ment filter.
 Close the filter frame.
 Fit the dustbag into the blue holder
as far as it will go.

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