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Purchasing New Dustbags And Filters; Ordering The Correct Dustbags And Filters; When To Change The Dustbag - Miele 10354220 User Manual

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– Dust compartment filter (for motor
– Exhaust filter
These will need to be replaced from
time to time to ensure that your vacuum
cleaner performs efficiently.
We recommend only using genuine
dustbags, filters and accessories
with the "Original Miele" logo on
them. This will ensure that the suc-
tion power of the vacuum cleaner is
maintained, giving the best possible
cleaning results.
Dustbags with the "Original Miele"
logo on them are not made from pa-
per or paper-based materials and nor
do they have a cardboard collar. This
is why our dustbags are particularly
long-lasting and reliable.
Please note that appliance faults and
damage originating from the use of
accessories which do not carry the
"Original Miele" logo will not be
covered by the appliance guarantee.

Purchasing new dustbags and filters

Original Miele dustbags and filters can
be ordered from Miele, your Miele
dealer, or from the Miele Webshop.
Ordering the correct dustbags and
Only use original Miele G/N dustbags
with a blue collar and original Miele fil-
ters. These are identified by the "Ori-
ginal Miele" logo on the packaging or
directly on the dustbag.
An AirClean filter and a dust compart-
ment filter are supplied with every
packet of Miele dustbags.
These can also be purchased separ-
ately from your Miele Dealer, from Miele
or from the Miele Webshop. Please
quote the model number of your va-
cuum cleaner when ordering to make
sure you get the correct filter.
When to change the dustbag (dia. 31)
Change the dustbag when the colour
marker in the dustbag change indicator
turns red, or sooner if it is no longer ef-
fective (see possible reasons for this
Miele dustbags are disposable and
designed for single use only. Dispose
of the dustbag when full. Do not at-
tempt to reuse. Blocked pores in
used dustbags will reduce the suc-
tion power of the vacuum cleaner.
To check the dustbag change indic-
 Attach the standard adjustable floor-
head to the vacuum cleaner.
 Switch the vacuum cleaner on and
select the highest power setting.
 Lift the floorhead off the floor a little.

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