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Preparing For Use - Miele 10354220 User Manual

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Preparing for use

Attach the suction hose (dia. 01)
 Insert the hose connector into the
suction socket on the vacuum
cleaner until it clicks into position. To
do this, line up the guides on the two
To detach the suction hose (dia. 02)
 Press the release buttons at the side
of the hose connector, and lift the
hose from the socket.
Connect the suction hose to the
handle (dia. 03)
 Insert the suction hose into the
handle until it clicks into position.
Connect the handle to the suction
tube (dia. 04)
 Insert the handle into the suction tube
until it clicks into position. To do this,
line up the guides on the two pieces.
 To release the handle from the suc-
tion tube, press the release button
and pull the handle out of the suction
tube, twisting it slightly as you do so.
Adjusting the telescopic suction tube
Depending on the model, your vacuum
cleaner will be fitted as standard with
one of the following suction tubes:
– Telescopic tube
– Comfort telescopic tube
One part of the telescopic tube is
packed inside the other, and it can be
adjusted to suit your height for comfort-
able vacuuming.
Telescopic tube (dia. 05)
 Press the release button and adjust
the tube to the desired height.
Comfort telescopic tube (dia. 05)
 Grasp the release mechanism and
adjust the telescopic suction tube to
the required length.
Connect the telescopic suction tube
to the floorhead / SRD hard floor-
brush (dia. 06)
 Push the telescopic suction tube into
the floorhead / hard floorbrush and
turn it clockwise or anti-clockwise un-
til it clicks into position.
 Press the release button to separate
the individual sections from each
Using the SRD hard floorbrush
(depending on model)
Please observe the flooring manu-
facturer's cleaning and care instruc-
This hard floorbrush is especially suit-
able for vacuuming floors with deep
gaps and crevices, e.g. old wooden
To adjust the floorhead (dia. 07 + 08)
This vacuum cleaner can be used for
daily cleaning of carpets, rugs and ro-
bust hard flooring.
Miele offer a range of other floorheads,
brushes and accessories for other types
of flooring and special requirements
(see "Optional accessories").

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