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Use - Miele 10354220 User Manual

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– AllergoTeQ floorhead
These are supplied with their own oper-
ating instructions.
To open the accessories compart-
ment (dia. 16)
 Press the release button on the ac-
cessories compartment lid.
The accessories compartment will then
 Take out the accessory you require.
 Press down firmly on the lid to close
Standard adjustable floorhead
(dia. 17)
For general use and also for vacuuming
the stairs.
For safety reasons when vacu-
uming stairs it is best to start at the
bottom of the stairs and move up-


Unwind the mains cable (dia. 18)
 Pull the mains cable out to the re-
quired length, max. cable length ap-
prox. 7.5 m. (Exception: the Complete
C3 XXL SGSE1 and SGSG1 max. ap-
prox. 8.5 m).
 Insert the plug into the socket cor-
rectly and switch on.
If vacuuming for longer than 30
minutes, the mains cable must be
pulled out to its fullest extent. Other-
wise there is a danger of overheating
and damage.
Rewinding the cable (dia. 19)
 Switch off at the wall socket and
withdraw the plug.
 Step on the cable rewind footswitch.
The cable will then retract itself into the
vacuum cleaner.
If you do not want the cable to retract
completely into the vacuum cleaner
you can stop it before it does. Take
hold of the end of the cable whilst re-
tracting it and give it a short pull just
before the end.
To switch on and off (dia. 20)
 Press the On/Off foot control .
To regulate the suction power
The suction power can be regulated to
suit the type of flooring being cleaned.
Reducing the suction power reduces
the amount of effort required to man-
oeuvre the floorhead.
The vacuum cleaner has symbols on
the controls which indicate the type of
use the settings are suitable for.
The setting selected will light up yellow.
Curtains, fabric
Upholstery, cushions
Cut pile carpets, rugs and run-
Energy-saving vacuuming. This
setting is also very quiet
Loop pile carpet and rugs
Hard flooring and heavily soiled
carpets and rugs

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