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Problem Solving Guide - Miele 10354220 User Manual

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Problem solving guide

The vacuum cleaner
switches off automatic-
On certain models, the
overheating warning
light also comes on .
Cause and remedy
A temperature limiter switches the vacuum cleaner off
automatically if it gets too hot. This can occur if, for
instance, large articles block the suction tube or when
the dustbag is full or contains particles of fine dust. A
heavily soiled exhaust or dust compartment filter can
also be the cause of overheating.
 Switch the vacuum cleaner off immediately using
the On/Off foot control . Disconnect from the
electricity supply. Switch off at the wall socket and
unplug it.
After removing the cause, wait for approximately 20 -
30 minutes to allow the vacuum cleaner to cool down.
It can then be switched on again.

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