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Select Camera/Video
Use the cursor key to scroll up, down, left or right to the required menu
item and validate by pressing OK.
E.g. 'Select Camera/Video': scroll to the Camera/Video menu item
with the navigation keys (Up
press the [OK] key to validate your selection.
pressing OK.
The ... at the beginning or at the end of an Options menu indicates
that more options or sub-menus are available by scrolling up or down.
Using the dynamic scroll panels
When scrolling the menu, the following scroll panel type gives you a clear view
of the information to be entered.
The list of elements to be entered is displayed. Scroll down to the field(s) you want to fill in
and press OK.
Enter the requested information or select the requested item and select
Fill in as many fields as necessary and select
The arrow keys displayed at the bottom of the screen show the scrolling possibilities.
Understanding the graphic display indicators (icons)
Icons may be displayed on your mobile screen.
The icons indicate the phone's state and operational conditions when in use.
The following icons may be displayed:
memory in use
memory in use: refers to information from the Phone book cards.
GPRS service
icon. This indicates that data packet services or connection to the i-mode
are available.
GPRS connection
Modem mode active
Home zone
. This is displayed when the phone is connected to its home network.
. This is displayed when the phone is connected to a network other than its
home network.
Call diverting
. This indicates that all incoming calls are being diverted. Call diverting is
network dependent.
Alarm clock.
Vibrator alert.
Keypad lock.
Line 2
. This indicates that the second line is in use (subscription dependent).
Silent mode On.
Infrared port
This indicates that the infrared port is active. i.e. that data can be received
via the infrared port.
Short message service (SMS)
have been received and not yet read.
no new messages can be stored. SMS availability is network dependent.
Voice Mail.
This is displayed when a Voice Mail message has been received and stored
by the networks Voice Mail centre. Voice Mail availability is network dependent.
Outgoing Call.
, Down
indicates that more options or sub-menus are available when
to store all the information entered.
icon. This is displayed when a GPRS connection is in progress.
mode is activated.
. This is displayed when one or more short messages
flashes when the SMS message box is full and
Using this guide
, Left
, Right
) and
to validate.


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